Aug 1, 2007

Archived Postings for August 2007

"Stupid is as stupid does."

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The following are archived postings for the Month of August 2007.
I have decided to continue to archive these postings monthly.
I kept these because this was the first month of people supporting this NEW alternative to Rants and Raves.

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Mr. New York said...

Good Morning August Month Viewers and Posters.

Concerned said...

Picking up from yesterday's post (see July archives).
Re, Banana

My banana just exploded in a hole, what should I do?

The Guardian of Time said...

re, Banana - A Question

It has been eons since a question has been proposed to me.
Since before your Sun burned hot in the sky and you two legged humanoid creatures walked your planet, I have awaited a question.

Watch 4 It said...

The many wonders of Viagra
Carl Kelloway, 51, and Lawrence Triplett, 67, were arrested and booked on charges relating to a sexual assault.
They told police it was all posible thanks to Viagra.

I can see it coming now, Women demading Viagra be taken off the market because it creates rapist and pedophiles, just like Liberals claiming guns kill people and should be banned.

Screw Women said...

re, Viagra
Yes but we can order and get Viagra over the Internet from other countries like Mexico, Canada, UK, Japan, etc. Try ordering a Gun over the Internet.

A Man Talking said...

re, viagra
dont think they will ban it for two reasons:
1) the Pharmaceutical Companies lobby is too powerful
2) Old women nee it for their man to pound that over sized stretched out used hole that no other man wants.

Anonymous said...

Remember it may be unlawful to display your banana where you live.

Lenny said...

Make sure your Banana is properly tucked away when drinking. Falling down on a hard Banana may cause injury.

People for the Protection of Bananas said...

Never try and shave your banana it may damage the outer skin.

Stop Illegal Immigration Now said...

Unfortunately people are going to have to die to make a changes in this country work.

The Gay Banana said...

I am a 3 banana per day guy and crave more.

1 said...

re,Gay Banana
May you suffer lock-jaw while paying lip-service to some other unfortunate soul who is lost within the throes of rampant banana homosexuality.

2 said...

Are there any Glory Holes for large Bananas in the greater Phoenix Arizona area?

3 said...

re, 2
Are you a Banana eater or are you just a Banana?

2 said...

re, 3

BOTH !!!!!!

Ms. Hole said...

re, To ALL the Bananas Everywhere

Have a Nice Day

Trying 2 Quit said...

I wish they would have a PATCH for bananas, the craving is driving me wild.

Web Surfer said...

I once saw a girl take 3 bananas at once, one in each hole.
I found it on Banana Porn

Wall Street said...

Whenever I get stressed out I rub my Banana it make me feel better.

L.o.L said...

re, wall street

I agree rubbing your banana make the stress disappaer.
But be careful control your banana once or it may explode!

Just Married said...

My husband has a large fresh hard Banana.

Banana Boy said...

It is apparent that the Catholic Church, it's pedophile priests, and the constant banana cover ups must stop.

Anti Banana League said...

Today the ACLU announced it will file a class action lawsuit against the entire banana population of America for sexual misconduct of a Banana in the work place.

Educated said...

I'm curious, does anyone read books anymore?

Real Thinking said...

re, reading books
Why the hell shoud anyone read a bokk unless their in school?
Haven't you heard of the Internet?
Or, wait for a fun version in pictures it's called a 'MOVIE.'

Mr. AZ said...

First Time Poster Here .....

Those damn CL posters are all mental midgets.

Anonymous said...

re, BBW
You Would Never Catch Me Having Sex With A Fat Chick.
I don't even want a porn picture swimming around in my head!

11 said...

Girls -
I am looking for a Virgin Hey Poop Shoot on a nice young lady of charcater with a tight butt that says do me hard, do me long, do me now!

Hate Fat Women said...

I thought Jerry Springer was going to whip it out right there and start jerking off last on America's Got Talent over those BBW (Fat Chicks) singing.

Anonymous said...

Brett Michaels
I heard he is getting is own TV Reality Show and has slept with over 300 women.

Anonymous said...

Century 21 sucks.

On The Alert said...

Veteran Israeli Intelligence expert, Juval Aviv, claims his sources have confirmed that America will be attacked again within 90-days.

Lux said...

I can't login in to Myspace and I was wondering if anyone else has the same issue.

JK in Boston said...

re, Lux
Nope MySpace is working Ok.

Ah Rant Is Good said...

Rant ...
Men, Period, Cramps, PMS, Cramps, Period, Blood, Tampons, Ragging It, Miserable, Pain, Hurt, Kill something I must ....

Idea Man said...

We should send all the hardcore prison inmates to Iraq.
This solves 2 problems.
One gets rid of their asses
Two puts tacpayer money to use

Nope said...

re, Sending Inmates to Iraq
Sounds good but it would arm people who hate us and therefore would increase our enemies.
They would turn on our own soldiers.

x-soldier said...

re, Sending Inmates to Iraq -
Not true, we actually did this in WWII.
We took allied prisoners out of jail and gave them another chance to redeem themslves.

Hsitorian said...

re, Sending Inmates to Iraq :
Yes we have taken former military prisoners since the Civila War and used them in combat.
But these were trained soldiers who got into trouble.
Many were gacing the death penality.
Taking ordinary prisoners from jail with NO military training would cause more problems.

Maybe It Would Work said...

re, Sending Inmates to Iraq - -
I dont agree. We could train them.
Make a special unit of just prisoners and put them into forward dangerous combat zones.
If they screwed up we could alwys bomb the shit out of them later.

Anonymous said...

re, Century 21
Whenever I see this car salesman, realtors, lawyers, or mortgage brokers I get the creepy crawlies all over, like being in the presence of walking scum.

Yes I am Crazy said...

Wish you could see ...
Photo of me during the 4th of July...
When you get ass reamed as much as I do, a flamin' bottle rocket launched out of my ass doesn't hurt at all. God bless the freedoms I have being a butthole bottle rocket launcher!

Thankx In Advance said...

Liberals are like Cockroaches -
please step on one today !!

L Dunes said...

re, Century 21 Sucks

And this surprises anyone?

cant fix stupid said...

To all the dumb asses who say not every Mexican or illegal is a criminal....
First off, if they came into this country illegally - they broke the LAW so therefore that makes them criminals.

Bruce Almighty said...

I always tell the truth ... even when I lie.

Nigerian Born Conman said...

Did I Mention ....
I smoke cigarettes (I stick the entire pack into my mouth, and light them all at once...sometimes).

I pick my toes, but.. only in Fancy Restaurants.

I pick my nose, and I wipe it on the other people's houses.

I speak the Ethiopian Click-Clack language while reading aloud... in public libraries.

I fart near strangers, put my hand on their heads.. then say, "touch metal, let it settle!"

I poison the the park.

Anonymous said...

Re, Century 21 Sucks

Wake up - ALL Realtors Suck !!!!!!

Joke 1 said...

Q) Why do mexicans drive low riders.....?

A) So they can cruise and pick lettuce at the same time!!!

Joke 2 said...

Q) Why can't black people lay out on the beach.....?

A) Because the cats keep covering them up!!!

L.o.L. said...

5-Steps for affirmative action for conservatives:

1) Buy one Nigga at a time.

2) Deport two illrgals per day and shoot one one per week.

3) Paint black stripes on the all white KKK sheets.

4) Increase the number of Asian Porn sites.

5) Take back the Native American lands (reservations) and give them to the oil companies.

The Confused Hacker said...

I have broken into the system ... and I have gotten a ton of Bank Account and Credit Card Number's ... to a Shit Load of Wealthy New Yorkers ......

Now what the fuck do I do.. ??

bronxstomper said...

re, 5-steps

That is really really friggin funny pal.

ta ta said...

Don't forget to visit an Astronomy Web Site it will remind you how insignificant your worthless little ass really is.

Just Say It said...

Another wake-up call 4 America

Any Black that wants to call themselves "African" send them back!

U Been Warned said...

Hey Hector Jose Luis Guadalupe Mario de la Cruz Vega la Mexico ... Get out of America now!

We Should Have Remained Part of England said...

Taken insanity to a new level:

Accupressure for pets.
That's right boys and girls we as Americans have gone off the deep friggin end and their is NO hope for us now.

Pissed Off American said...

I am ashamed to be an American.
This country is so screwed up I feel we have NO chance of surving and soon will be classified aa a third world country disaster by our rising competitors that we are funding through out sourcing jobs and funding stupid wars, poverty programs, health programs, massive imports and everything else that is bad for us and good for the world.
ALL of our politicians are crooks and liars.
They serve the world.
I dont rememeber anyone outside the USA voting for them - do you?

WTF in AZ said...

re, Pissed Off American -
I agrre with you, read this people

My 21 yr old sister in Phoenix Arizona who works hard for 7 dollars an hour at the same job shes had since shes 19 was diagnosed with cancer for the 3rd time in her life. she has no insurance and went to apply for help threw the state, they told her she makes 73 dollars a month too much for medical and that if she was:
2) unimployed
3) OF ILLIGAL IMAGRANT STATUS or a mixture of the three she would be able to receive help.

What the hell so my American high school graduate sister who holds a job can't get help to save her life but she has to pay taxes to keep people who have no right being hear and others who arent even trying to better themselves.
It pisses me off.
How is this right ?

Why Oh Why said...

I Ask Why ????

why does your nose run and your feet smell?

why do we drive on the parkway and park on the drive way?

how do they get teflon to stick to a pan when,,,,,,,,nothing sticks to teflon?

exactly what is daylight savings time?

and if we're saving so much of it,where do we keep it and what do we do with it?

and if the italians invented the boobs who invented the pussy?

it had to be the mexicans,,there the only ones stupid enough to build the snack shack right next door to the shit house.

The Reposter Guy said...

Home Depot top 10
I love the depot but sometimes....
10. If I'm wearing an orange shirt it doesn't mean I work there, if you're a hot woman I'll be happy to show you where stuff is
9. Boys like the tool aisle not garden, paint, kitchens or light bulbs we are there to look at the hot women.
8. If you can't pick up your feet when you walk you're to damn lazy to be there get the fuck out before all of the working guys go postal.
7. If I am driving a cart with 20 sheets of plywood it weighs about a ton, get little johnny out of the fucking way. An object in motion tends to stay in motion.
6. If i am walking fast get the fuck out of the way, don't stop in the middle of the fucking aisle right in front of me.
5. Repetitive clicking noises make me want to go postal.
4. You don't need a fucking seat belt for a damn shopping cart.
3. If you are to damn lazy to walk without the motorized cart you shouldn't work or shop there.
2. When I want (15) #10 machine screws and 3/16" drill bit is there any reason it should take an hour?
1. All applicants are tested for illegal drug use WHATEVER...
All rants above don't apply to hot, medium hot and just not bad women that either shop or work at the depot. We love you and keep on going back it makes our day.
Cheerio from your grumpy contractor.

The Horny Working Girl said...

My Dirty Little Secrets
1. I have a 10 inch dildo in my closet that I have not used in over 3 months.
2. The men I like never like to eat me out.
3. The men I don't like love to eat me out.
4. The man I love will never commit to me.
5. I can't commit to anyone else because I am secretly waiting for the man I love to give in.
6. I like anal sex but don't have the nerve to tell/ask a guy.
7. I think about sucking cock at least 10 times daily.
8. I've masturbated at work, in my cubicle, in the corner, with others working nearby.
9. I used to meet men off of chat lines.
10. I've gone to a sex club once and would like to go again.

Can You Add To It ?? said...

My Detailed List of Things I Like:

1) Boobs
2) Big Long Nipples
3) Round Tight Butts
4) Hooters Galore
5) Perfect 10's
6) Tight Unused Twats
7) Dumb Blondes
8) Virgins
9) Girls who call me Daddy
10) Attractive but old broads with money

Wake-up Call said...

Muslims true believers in the greatest fictional story ever told ... The Holy Koran

Redneck here said...

re, things - I would like to add to your list ...


Anonymous said...

re, adding to the list ...

Farting in line at Wal-Mart

A Girls List said...

re, My List ...

1) Stud Muffin with a big 1
2) Dildo with extra batteries
3) Chocolate
4) Enough time for a good workout
5) Shoes
6) Good Banana
7) Clothes
8) Wine Coolers
9) Fine Dining
10) Expensive Cars

Cat Hater said...

re, Things to add to the Guys list ...

Cat in a Blender
Cat being launched froma catapault
Cat in a Microwave
Any Dead Cats

Anonymous said...

re, add to man list

Dead Pigeons

Anonymous said...

re, guys list - add this

Morning Coffee

Real Looker said...

re, Girl's List - pls add

Bubble Baths
Fine Dining
A Good Book

Anonymous said...

Some unusual smells that I like:

The inside of my hat.
My dogs paws.
Hair brushes.
Raw red meat.
My own poop.
Horse pooh.
Fresh coffee.
A girl's dirty underwear.
My pee in the morning.
Passing by a Burger King.

RCA Records Release said...

Micheal Jackson and Elton John have announced the release of a new albumn they have been working on for years. Titled -


Thinking Out Loud said...

Support -
I have one of those 'Ribbons' that says, "Support the Troops."
On the back it says - "Made in China."

So whose troops am I supporting and where does this money go?

More proof this country (The Good Ole USA) is screwed up!

No Longer Confused said...

Do you need a good head job?

I always thought a head job meant psychiatric help.
But my co-workers corrected me. Thanks for clearing that up.

welcome to fantacy land said...

Remember this is the internet where every guy has the fastest sports car, biggest most expensive SUV, mega sized house, best lookin girlfriend, most educated, most money, etc.

Just think we all know the truth...

Who Wants It said...

Sniff Sniff
I smell pootang
a.k.a. Black Pussy

Oh wait a minute it's used ...

Looking said...

re, pootang

Used is Ok but keep it if it's old and abused.

Anonymous said...

re, pootang
Don't worry the bitch has two other holes.

Alex said...

re, pootnag
Finger tst it first.
Make sure she washes it thoroughly.
If it still smells dont eat it and wear two condoms.

Likes That Black Meat said...

re, pootang
Yeah and get it excited by wiping a small amount of hot chilli juice on the outside of the condom, watch that black thing jump around and think your the greatest cock banger of all time.

White on Black said...

re, pootang
Damn yes.
I loves I do.

Stupid Clinton said...

Gays and Military:
Send the queers to fight the camel pumpers. At least it will be an even fight. Who knows, maybe they'll get together to pack fudge and be "friends". World peace can't be far off if that happens right?

Anonymous said...

Re, Military ...
Dont forget to take the Mexicans to run recon, they can get through any fence the enemy puts up.

Get Over It said...

re, Gays in the Military:
Hey asshole, I don't care if these fudgepackers are fighting for America and puting their life on the line. At least they have the guts to fight, what is your friggin excuse?

La Question said...

I have never been a big fan of eating the twat, what say you other guys, do you like it?

Joan said...

Re, Twat licking ...
Well I am a GIRL but I love to lick it.

Paul said...

re, The Twat -
My girl loves to give me head so I am a good boy and return the favor. I lick it until she cums in my mouth.

The Dumb Muslim said...

re, Licking Pussy.
Everytime I try and lick it that damn Cat scratches me.

Muslims Clerics R Gay said...

re, Gays in the Military ....
Hey those Muslim Clerics like a good fudge packing during their Friday Prayers.
I got pictures.

In The Know said...

When it comes to Women, I believe ... In the 4-F's:


Ha Ha said...

Dont forget to snif that twat before licking it

L@@K for the 3-sum said...

re, Gays in Iraq
You can find them ...
They will be screwing a Muslim's butt who will at the same time be screwing a goat.

penny for your thoughts said...

Try This -
The rule of thumb or the saying is put a penny in a jar for every time you had sex during the courtship process plus the first year and a half of marriage. After that time frame remove one of those pennies from the jar for every time you have sex. It would take almost twenty years to clean out the jar! yeah, frequency and excitement goes down greatly during marriage.

Idea said...

Don't get married until you're 40. Trust me. By the time you hit your 30's you'll wish you never did. You'll have much experience in the bed room and rock any woman you meet. If it's your wife you'll regret it. Get with every woman you can and marry at 40+. Not before

Report Them All said...

Consumer Alert Action and Help:
Who to notify about fraud or scam attempts?

FTC toll free hotline: 877-382-4357
FTC online complaint form:

female sluts said...

A chick with NO shame is one who learns to FART like a man in public, drink like a fish, and screw anything that comes along.

Get Out said...

Mexicans Know the Truth about Yourselves:
The history of Mexico is centered around the valley of Mexico out no more than 200 miles. The northern lands of New Spain were not Mexican, not ceded over automatically after Spain left. Hey mexico, how about giving most of southern mexico below of the isthmus, back to Guatemala, that area was straight-up stolen from them! The real natives there are at the bottom of the totem pole socially, and the richest Mexican families use private armies as the mexicican government looks the other way while the Mayans are oppressed. The USA south west is American, so bugger-off you little illegal brown bastards.

It's Probably 2 Late said...

Whites are now in the minority. My late grandfather always said that the white race was committing suicide not controlling immigration. He was right. Just another sign of a dying civilization ..... A dying America.

Finding Them said...

Girls of All Ages:
Do you think bleach blonde hair; fake boobs; and all that makeup makes you something special?

Well it does - it makes you a SLUT !!!

It's All Good 2 Me said...

re, Sluts

Yes but I like them sluts.
They R good for one nighters and quickies in special places.

Anonymous said...

Gay Sluts
Attractive sexy Lesbos are sooo hot ... not the butch ones, though.
Sissy boys are annoying and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

re, Sluts
STDs in the making.

pounce on it said...

re, sluts -
They r STDs.
Go get u sum.

Anonymous said...

re, sluts v std
hey thats why they make condoms.

Getting It On said...

re, STDs and Sluts
Want you some then come to Scottsdale Arizona. They have more whores here than anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

re, scottsdale

first of all it's Snottsdale.
Where all the women are out for your money, and are arrogant useless sluts.

Anonymous said...

If some bitch ever gave me the VD or worse I'd cut her nipples off and glue them to her mother's forehead.

Anonymous said...

re, STDs
i.e. - nipple extraction ...

Anonymous said...

re, STDS
Yeah but I think you should super glue her twat shut.

Anonymous said...

re, STDs v Condoms
Condoms are only 99% effective.
So you better wear two to be safe.

Girly Man said...

re, Condoms
Remember you cheap bastards dont turn the condom inside out and use it twice.

failure said...

re, condoms
also they are not balloons so avoid using them at birthday parties.

Done That All Ready said...

Just hire topless girls with big Boobs instead for the party.

Hate Divorced Women with Children said...

Single Parenting:
Don't you just love the self-entitlement double standards that women have when it comes to parenting.
They claim to be superwoman because they raise a child "alone". If a man does it, it's no big deal though and is probably BS because everybody knows that men are not capable of raising children without that mothering instinct.
Oooook blah blah ...
You dumb ass useless woman just keep telling yourselves that shit.

Kids Get in the Way said...

When I was married I was lucky to get it once a week and I felt like I had to beg for it but that was after she had a couple of kids. I was married over 20 years and I am divorced and loving it.

Bulldog in the Coral said...

re, divorced woman with children

I just make those horny bitches bow down to me.

Anonymous said...

re, dating a chic with no shame ....
i laughed my ass off at that post.
I had a chic who thought it was funny to fart in public.
Men you just dont want to see it.
And you especially dont want to smell it.
A woman's farts smell like cat piss.

The Reposter Guy said...

From the General Labor Ads in CL:

Needed - pot attendant
Az Custom Sandblasting is looking for a pot attendant, $10-$12/hr. Must be an organized hard worker, have good driving record, and must be drug free. call John @ 623-***-7065.

Compensation: $10- $12/hr
OK for recruiters to contact this job poster.
Phone calls about this job are ok.
You may contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

Frances Kotke said...

Soon 2 be The NEW American Anthem:

Jose Can You See, from the bongs early light, what so proudly we baled, as the sidelines lapsed teaming, who brought stars and by night, were so galantly beaming, and the rockets and flares, the bongs burst in the air, gave guru the right, that the gag was a hair, Jose does that car dangle, banner pet wave, for the hand of the tree, and the bone of the cave,

Fuck Arizona said...

According to my newspaper this morning the East Valley Tribune, Maricopa County (Arizona), home to the Phoenix Valley, 5th largest city in America leads the nation in Hispanic Population growth.
Maricopa County had a 30% Hispanic population in 2006 or 1,129,556 Mexicans.
2007 will have a 48% growth rate this year.

Anonymous said...


Ha! It's an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

re, Sex and Marriage

Vengance is mine say WOMEN !!!!!

former husband said...

'X' wives

Or, scum sucking leaches.

Hoping Hubby Stays Loyal said...

re, Sex and Marriage
We use to Fuck like bunny rabbits when were first together!
Now a turtle probly gets more mud than I do!
Too busy, three kids all young, too many distarctions!

More Boobs Please said...

Women ...
I have come to the conclusion that all women are secretly Bisexual on the inside!

Anonymous said...

re, women
Being bisexual - now that I think of it that makes a lot of sense and explains a lot !!!!

Getting The Edge said...

Savvy Parents
The latest for smart parenting now is they get a list from the college their child is attending of the new dorm students that may be sharing a room with their child. If not available after the room assignments are made.
They search the potential roommates name on MySpace; Google, Yahoo; and others.
This gives the parents a heads up on who should room with their child.
As one parent said, “College is expensive, I am sending my daughter for an education, not to party, drink, and do drugs. Also I want her in with someone of her own intellectual caliber.”

Lost in TV Land said...

TV Help
I have little men and women trapped inside of my television set can anyone help me get them out?
I'm afraid they might suffocate soon.

WTF said...

These wetbacks are smarter than you think, they do jobs that none of lazy ass American's want to do and get paid cash plus they get food stamps and whatever else they want from our government. Why would they want to go back to Mexico when they are living like Kings over here compared to where they came from. I have seen these guys pull wads of cash out of their pockets when they buy things at the convienent store or wal-mart.

Anonymous said...

I see the conspiracy freaks are already at it on this bridge crapola. What a shame. I think they should all be taken out and shot, personally.

truth or conspiracy said...

re, conspiracy huh, explain this moron:
Some interesting info regarding the Minneapolis bridge collapse.
I was watching BBC News24 at about 3am (GMT) this morning. Whilst covering the bridge collapse they had a witness on via telephone who spent a few minutes explaining how he walks under the bridge almost daily. He had witnessed the fact that large holes had been drilled/cut through the concrete supports.
This angle was covered for an hour or so on the news and they had this same guy on again later - however, this time whilst he was re-telling the same story there was a weird buzzing/pulsing sound and he was cut off mid-talk.
It is now 10.30am GMT and BBC News24 are no longer reporting this guys story not only that but they are reporting that all rescue efforts were stopped after a couple of hours and that the police have cordoned off the bridge since when do rescue efforts stop when it gets dark, especially when there are supposed to be people in cars at the bottom of the river.

Join the Army, Buy a Home said...

WASHINGTON - Need a down payment for your home? Seed money to start a business? The Army wants to help if you’re willing to join up.
Despite spending nearly $1 billion last year on recruiting bonuses and ads, Army leaders say an even bolder approach is needed to fill wartime ranks.
Under a new proposal, men and women who enlist could pick from a “buffet” of incentives, including up to $45,000 tax-free that they accrue during their career to help buy a home or build a business. Other options would include money for college and to pay off student loans.

Anonymous said...

Stop supporting Barry Bonds he is a drug user. What kind of umage does this send to our children?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me like empty barrels always make the most noise.

Anonymous said...

Oh no. Conspiracy asshole is at it again. GW took the bridge down. Dick Chaney was in a business deal with someone that built the bridge.

Please put the crack pipe down you retarded little asshole.

Anonymous said...

Ah Nipples -
I like them long, hard, and available.

The Reposter Guy said...

I've noticed that there seems to be an amazing proliferation of new start-up Dog-Shit Cleaning Companies in the Phoenix Valley (Arizona). Why?
Is the Dog-shit business ... "picking up" here ( so to speak?
Are people becoming SO Fat-Assed and Lazy that they are no longer capable of bending over to retrieve a simple pile of dog shit?
Is the hiring of a company to Scoop to your Poop ... the latest in a long line of Trendy, Yuppie .. "Must Haves?"
Did the DOGS themselves ... create the need for this service?

America is Failing said...

Back to School – Gets Wilder

Two more school related stories from CNN this morning.
Idiots just seem to multiply, read this …

Story # 1 – Some idiot is selling backpacks for school children that have a bulletproof vest built-in. It sells for $175.00.
Enough said draw your own conclusions.

Story # 2 – This one is right here in Arizona. Some school district in Tucson is awarding children money for showing up in class. Yes, that’s right if you show up everyday you get cash. It gets worse if you maintain a “C” average or better you get paid. If tou have 3 sick days or less per semester you get paid. You can earn over &1,000 per year. The concept is to keep children in school and give them incentives to learn The school board who approved this idea claims it cost less to reward children than to pay for drop outs down the road. It is available to all children including illegals. Other school systems in Arizona and across the country are now considering this.
Personal Note - Just more proof ‘Parents’ have failed their children.

been there done that said...

My Personal Rant ....
X-wives are arrogant useless no good bitches who live in an atmosphere of revenge and hate.

Child Support and all that goes with it is nothing but PRISON without bars.
These women should be glad they live in America most countries make them get a job or rule that the child lives with the parent that can best provide for that child.
More proof the US Judicial System Sucks, is biased, and seriously flawed.
I am thankful my children are long grown and I am out of the x-wife / child support misery.

Comprende said...

Keep your property values up before the carnival music and the smell of beans scares away your realtor.
Deport ALL Illegals now !!!

Paint Me Gloom and Doom said...

Protect Yourselves
It has become abundantly clear the government no longer cares about its own citizens in America. It is consumed like Wall Street with greed and what’s best for their pockets.
America is being sold out.
Illegals are just a small problem in the Big Picture.
Exporting Jobs, importing goods, no health care, a near bankrupt nation, poor education, over inflated services, out of reach cost for housing and automobiles are just a sign of what’s coming.
Politicians know that uneducated people are their best way to hold on to power.
Arm yourselves I fear another American Revolution is forthcoming, if not at minimum economic disaster and doom for sure.

Man around town said...

Club Sluts and Trophy Wives
If you need a good bitch slapping ... write me here.

What A Hoot said...

Mexicans are living proof that the American indian had sex with buffalo.

Anonymous said...

Ever go to a dealership to get a replacement key made? I have when I locked BOTH sets of keys in MY car. I needed not only proof that it was my car but I needed my husband there also (since it was in both of our names) to prove I wasn't taking it from him with out his knowledge.

Heartbreak Hotel said...

It's not always easy being the Other Woman.

Hates Loud Noises said...

Hey legal or illegal you stupid asses need to turn that damn hip hop / rap music down or go back to the fucking jungle and beat your drums there!

Anonymous said...

Mexicans are Criminals If They Cross the Border Illegally

stand up said...

Quit your bitching about illegal cockroaches (Mexicans) and do something.

Anonymous said...

Illegal Mexicans
IF, and WHEN, any of them are sent back, part of their punishment for being here illegally, should be to spend a day, cleaning up some of the garbage they leave in our deserts, highways, streets, and parks.

Business Owner said...

re, Illegal Mexicans
I'm all for putting land mines around the border. Why is it we have to crooss the border and put up with their inspections and harrasment.

Truck Driving Man said...

Help Wanted:
I need two small Mexican mrn for mud flaps.
Must be flexable and willing to travel.
Apply within.

Nigs 4 Sale said...

Re: help wanted
Why don't you hire an attractive young black woman and screw her up the ass instead, and if she offers her mother sweeten the pot.

Funny Bone said...

Re: help wanted

Niggas versus Mexicoons.
Well hell do this -
1) Get a pair of midget nigs for mud flaps on your big truck.
2) Get a pretty young Mexican gal and two of her cute friends and play rotate the screw hole.

Very Unhappy said...

Buying a Dodge Truck ....
I want everyone to know, NEVER buy anything from a dealship called Tempe Dodge in Tempe Arizona.
Certified assholes and liars.

Wants 2 See It said...

Re: help wanted
Hey if you ever gets two nigga midgets to accept your offer - once you attached them to the truck and run them through the mud could you take a picture?

Little Blacky said...

Re: help wanted
Why master I'd rather be whipped and sent to the cotton fields than used for big truck mud flaps.

Man Pondering said...

re, Help Wanted Posters

I am afraid your button is stuck on stupid,

I Like This Alternate RnR Brd Better said...

Bored Bozos ar in Phoenix:

Today I clicked on Rants and Rave at CL and I am in shock over the number of people that are so bored all they do is sit there and type meaningless non-sense and post it!
It's worse than a 14 year olds chat room!
Maybe you all need parental control here or better yet go find something to do besides sit at your computers all day bashing people!

angry customer said... sucks.
They are anti American
boycott GoDaddy

They are however, very Pro Mulsim
Homeland Security should investigate thier owners and senior sraff.

It's All Natural said...

re, Racist ...
We are all racist to some extent.
Hate is a personality trait we are all born with. It is natural to hate as long as it is not taken to extremes or to violence.

Anonymous said...

I have something to say ..........

The blacks use the race card like the government uses 9/11.
Only blacks will get away with it longer.

Farmer John said...

Now Hiring!
Need 2 mexican males with low rider to cruise and pick lettuce at same time! Combine your 2 skills in 1 fabulous job! Insurance is a must do to high lettuce prices these days. We pay for gas at work.

True Blue said...

re: help wanted

I need recaps for my big rig tires, any black muslims interested please advise of height and size. Need to make sure you fit. If you have a muslim nigglet baby I also have a donut spare I need to recap.

L.o.L. said...

Help Wanted
I about pissed my pants reading that! Funny shit!

All Natural Growers said...

Now Hiring -
Replacing illegal Mexicans.
Looking for ...
Moon crickets, jungle bunnies, jigaboos, bootlips, spearchucker, shines, moolies, griods, and everyday niggas.

Undependent Truck Driver said...

Hiring one or two stupid people ...
I am looking for illegal Mexicans to ride on top of my semi trucks trailer and look for low over hangs! Must not be affraid of heights nor fast travel. Also must have thick skull and be able to withstand 100 mph impacts.

black tone said...

Re: help wanted

oh haha you made a funny.

lots of reasons said...

Please bring back the draft

The Cat Hater said...

I hate CATS

I Bought It There Today said...

Lowe's Sucks
They are actually selling products, like stain, where the instructions are in Spanish only.
it was Minwax brand.
America is doomed for sure.

Mesa Arizona said...

Anyone know the manager of honeywell that came from Kentucky. Heard he has a fake college degree, was fired from his last three jobs but they are paying this asswipe a wopping 300 grand a year. Nice work if you can get it.
He's also a cheater, does his wife know?

Gettin Sum said...

Good Morning Board -
waking up to some early AM T.A.P.

The Reposter Guy said...

LIght Rail in Phoenix AZ
Maybe if the trolley system was maintained, modernized, updated, upgraded and expanded little-by-little from 1948 to present day, we would not be spending the billions of dollars to install a Disneyland dream train to go from Tomorrowland (Christown mall) to Frontierland (Mill Ave).
But I'm sure in the early 40s the transpo system was bought out by people in the gas and oil interests and that's why we got an "upgrade" to a busway. It happened in LA and as LA goes, so goes Phoenix.

real american said...

Re, Honeywell
They suck anyway.
Hope them and Motorola go bankrupt.

Had Me 1 said...

Their women are damn good cock suckers. Take one part sexually repressed female due to religion, mix in human nature and BAM, you have an amazing pole smoker.

Piss Off Shopper said...

Old Ladies In Line -
The other day I had to stop at the grocery store for the wife on the way home. Suddenly this old woman walks up to the cashier carrying batteries. The bagger ask her what she wanted. She said I want to pay for these batteries. He said but there are people in front of you. After a few exchanges it became apparent that it was easier to let the old lady just pay. Then she spent forever digging through her damn purse for the exact change.
I would like to know if she drove a car there because if she did that is an accident waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

Those goddamn Mexicans need to be rounded up and shot ...
Or put into extermination camps.

switching over said...

I love this board.

Illegals Be Gone said...

If there were no more illegals, who would:
pick our lettuce
wash our dishes
clean ours houses
pick our fruit
mow our lawns
sell us drugs
wash our cars
rape our women
Make our tacos
commit home invasions
hijack our cars
drive up our car insurance rates
suck our social services dry
cause us too Press 1 for English

A Man's Man said...

L@@K at me:

I like blogs.
I like Rants and Raves.
I like dogs.
I hate cats.
I hate most people.
I Liberals.
I love horses.
But mostly I like SEX with women who love sex with men only ......

Anonymous said...

re, L@@K at me

well laddy de da
who gives a damn?

A Real Woman said...

re, L@@K at me ...

I'm an attention whore
cum here man's man and put your rod in me.

Ha Ha said...



Boo Hoo Hoo
that's who -

Get It Where You Can said...

re, L@@K at me and Ha Ha ......

I had sex with a Ghost once
it gave me a BJ while I was sleeping in this old gaunted but still used hotel.

In or Out said...

re, L@@K at me

Hey Man's Man I only do oral, does that count?

Anonymous said...

Hey there's DOO DOO on the board.

Ghost Hunters said...

Hey screwing Casper wasn't nice.

Calling Dr. Phil said...

re, sex with a ghost -
I think that guy was having a pillow fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Random 4 - - - -


Gone 2 Doggie Heaven said...

Cops Under Fire
Did you here about The Chandler Arizona cop that killed his own K-9 partner?

Yada Yada said...

Sniff Sniff ...
I smell another useless asshole, it is a Mexican.
I say hey MEXICAN - PRESS the Trigger on the Gun and kill yorself.
Becoz I will nevet Press 1 for English.

A Cuban American said...

I am from Cuba.
I've been living in South Florida for 15-years.
I hate Mexicans.
I came to America and asked for nothing.
I was glad to be here.
I speak English, I learned.
I never took any type of public assistance.
You damn Mexicans are causing hate in the Hispanic community by non Hispanic races.
Learn to speak English and stop uing the welfare system or get out of America ... NOW !!!

The Reposter Guy said...

National Do Not Call Registry
My calls have dropped to ZERO! (well, almost zero) I've filed every number I can think of with them. No more marketing calls!
I had one this morning, claimed my band or credit card company gave them my information and entered me into a drawing of some sort. I acted surprised and excited. I got all their information and a call back number as well as the ladies name and extension number. Then advised her I was on the national do not call list. She shit. Thanked me for my time and hung up real fucking quick. So I got on the NDNCR site and filed a complaint. These fuckers face HUGE fines after calling you when you are registered.

frustrated said...

Job Posting ...
I posted a semi skilled job for weld burners (they cut metal with a wedling torch), no actual welding.
I got over 50 phone calls from people telling me they couldn't do the job but would I hire them anyway.

Where Do They Come From said...

re, Job Posting
I posted a cerical job for my office.
Simple requirements included: full time, M-F, no OT, dependable, doesn't miis time, doesn't do drugs, must be US citizen, must speak and write English, can't have any personal issues.
I got nearly 60 phone calls ranging from - - Do you check citizenship to I can only work 4-days a week (No Mondays).
Look you idiots learn to read and for the girl who said she doesn't work Mondays tells an employer you party and drink heavy on the weekends.

Anonymous said...

re, job posting
I see why you neeed a CLERICAL person .. You are an idiot you cannot spell.

spelling police suck said...

re, posting, jobs, spelling
ah waht about your post, i,e
the word neeed
it is spelled 'need.'
now who is the idiot?

got ya both said...

ok ok ok
both you idiots can't spell
it is ............
i.e. not I,e
it is what not waht
it is clerical not CLERICAL or cerical
it is miss time not miis time
it is Monday's not mondays

Ya Ya said...

Pets ...
People I love Dogs and Horses. I hate cats, snakes, coyotes, and pigeons.
Keep your damn pets inside or stop feeding the wild critters or both.
You are pissing me off.
I dont want their poop in my yard.
You have been warned.

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