Jan 4, 2010

Alternate for CraigsList Posters

Warning: This board is NOT monitored.
I have created this Blog Forum as an alternative to CraigsList RnR (Rants and Raves).
There will be NO Flagging or Post Removal here.
Post what you want, any subject is allowed.
Say what you want.
Post it how you want it to say.

You may include Advertisements - So place whatever AD you want.

If anyone has used craigslist you know there ‘Flagging System’ really really sucks. There so-called Freedom of Speech has more rules than a closed door Congressional hearing.

The downside to this Blog is you are on your own, no board monitoring.
If you want someone to contact you include your email or phone number within the Posted Text Message, or a Link to your site.
Sorry, Blogs do not permit posters to upload their own pictures.

Please Follow this Google Blog, and I will follow yours.

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