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Mexican Racism Against America said...

What would you do if mexicans put up a racist/anti-American radio station in a major city in America?
What would you do if their teens and young adults (off spring from the illegals who are here) took down our beautiful flag and replaced it with their filthy mexic*** flag?
What would you do if they ruined our states economy to the tune of billions a year?

Guess what, they have already done all three:
La Raza 97.9 (La Raza means The Race) is based in the sanctuary city of L.A.
When they marched against America (the country that has given them EVERYTHING) they took down our flag--and our police & government stood by and did nothing!
Illegals and their jack-pot babies have been leaching off of the state (and America) for so many years that now California is flat ass broke; we will now be getting income tax refund IOU's from the state because of them.

America, what was America, is gone. Teddy Roosevelt would not have allowed a racist/anti-America radio station to stand, but America does now; Teddy Roosevelt would not have allowed sanctuary cites where illegals are allowed to walk and drive freely in trucks with stickers proclaiming "brown pride" "viva mexico" "viva la raza", but America does now; Teddy Roosevelt would not have allowed illegals to recieve better benefits than American veterans & mentally and physically disabled Americans, but America does now.

Still think America would win in a war with mexico and its millions of foot soldiers here illegally? Let me ask you this then--what have we and our government done to stop them so far???

If you give a damn--get involved

Anonymous said...

Please stop trolling and posting your name and site address on everyone's blog...

Ya Ya said...

I was over at the Daily Gun Picture earlier today and saw that the Blog owner's computer windows had crashed , so he did something I like , I have been looking in to this myself , anyone got any comments about this type of computer setup?

He bought a MAC (Apple) Mini with a wireless keyboard. He hooked it up to his flat screen TV.

This looks like a great idea. I know that TV and computers will soon merge.

I found the idea at a Blog I frequent:
The Daily Gun Pictures

Ya Ya said...

I hate people who whine about every damn thing and always post as Anonymous !!

Ever notice they are the ones that think they know everything and have the answers no matter what the question.

Ya Ya said...

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Consume Alert said...

How much are you paying for cell service? Would you believe $3 a minute?

Shocking headline? You better believe it. Like most consumers, I feel like I'm getting a pretty good deal on my cell phone service, paying about 40 bucks a month for 450 minutes worth of talk time, including unlimited nights and weekends, rollover minutes, and all that good stuff.

The problem for me and for most of the free world, it seems is that I don't use anywhere close to 450 minutes a month on my cell. And when you take an average of a few hundred cell phone bills, dividing how much the users really pay vs. the minutes they really use, you get some shocking figures indeed. According to a study from San Diego's Utility Consumers' Action Network, the average cost of a wireless call is, in reality, a shocking $3.02 per minute.

Why so high? The average customer uses only 32 percent of his minute allotment, and some customers pay up to $100 a month (not including all those unadvertised fees and taxes, which push the costs even higher) for unlimited service, making for an even worse deal in the end. (Take out the worst outliers who pay a lot and use no minutes and the average is still around 75 cents a minute for cell service.)
The numbers are better, but still bad, for land-line long distance, where consumers pay an average of 55 cents per minute for long distance, when all fees are truly accounted for. It probably doesn't help that, according to the study, "90 percent of AT&T and Verizon phone bills are improperly taxed."
The goal of the UCAN report is to raise awareness of what consumers are really paying on their phone bills by quantifying their expenses in detail, while also questioning whether deregulation has lived up to claims that it would save customers money in the long run. (The report's claim is that it definitively has not.)
How much are you really paying in phone service? Take a look at your bill to see how many minutes you actually use and compare that against what you really pay each month. You might be shocked by what you find.

Liberal Logic said...

Liberal 'logic' is truly amazing.

A liberal assumes something is true, merely because another liberal said so.

A liberal assumes something is false, merely because "only" a conservative said it.

LIberals claim that their viewpoints are being censored, while actually they are the ones censoring their opponents.

Liberals insist that someone needs to experience something (e.g., drugs, pornography, gambling, etc.) before being able to criticize it.

Liberals claim that switching from heterosexual to homosexual is customary, but switching back is somehow impossible.

No matter what happens in the weather, global warming caused it

Americans should "move on" past the misconduct of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy, but should dig up as much old dirt as possible about John McCain and keep blaming everything wrong on George Bush.

Liberals make a highly implausible assumption like "if embryonic stem cell research will find the cure for paralysis, then would you support it?" (without any consideration of alternatives).

LIberals are for free speech for anything and everything ... except the conservative truth, and religion.

LIberals insist on "tolerance" for anything that is anti-Christian, while censorship for anything Christian is ok.

Liberals request increased spending by government to reduce poverty, when actually poverty is increased by the dependency.

Liberals claim that increasing taxes must increase government revenue, when often people just work less and revenues then decline.

Liberals feel it is okay to demean an African-American if they are a conservative, but if they are a liberal then you are a racist.

Consumer Alert said...

Senator seeks probe of posthumous debt collection
WASHINGTON DC – A senior senator is asking the Federal Trade Commission to investigate reported instances of debt collection firms asking people to pay their dead relatives' credit card bills or other debts.
Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., a member of the Senate Banking Committee, met Tuesday with the new chairman of the FTC, Jon Leibowitz, and requested that the agency look into a practice he said appears to violate the law.
"These companies call surviving relatives, often shortly after the death of a loved one, to coax or cajole them into making payments on the deceased relative's credit card," Schumer said in a letter sent to Leibowitz on Wednesday. "To say the least, this practice is distasteful and unethical. Moreover, this practice may very well violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act."
Schumer asked for an accounting of how many debt collection firms engage in the practice and which companies that issue credit cards retain debt collectors for that purpose. If the practice isn't declared illegal, the FTC could at least require debt collection firms to notify the relatives they contact that they have no legal obligation to pay the debts, Schumer suggested.
Debt collection firms "conveniently omit" telling relatives of deceased debtors that they aren't legally obligated to pay, Schumer said.
Amid tough economic times, his office has received complaints from New York state residents about the practice. A recent article in The New York Times said the business of collecting dead people's debts is expanding, helped by improvements in database technology that provide easy access to probate court records.

Fast-growing Western U.S. cities face water crisis said...

LAS VEGAS / LOS ANGELES – Desert golf course superintendent Bill Rohret is doing something that 20 years ago would have seemed unthinkable -- ripping up bright, green turf by the acre and replacing it with rocks.
Back then "they came in with bulldozers and dynamite, and they took the desert and turned it into a green oasis," Rohret said, surveying a rock-lined fairway within sight of the Las Vegas strip. "Now ... it's just the reverse."
The Angel Park Golf Club has torn out 65 acres of off-course grass in the last five years, and 15 more will be removed by 2011, to help conserve local supplies of one of the most precious commodities in the parched American West -- fresh water.
But Rohret's efforts have their limits. His and many other golf courses still pride themselves on their pristine greens and fairways and sparkling fountains, requiring huge daily expenditures of water.
Aiming to cut per capita use by about a third in the face of withering drought expected to worsen with global warming, water authorities in the United States' driest major city are paying customers $1.50 per square foot to replace grass lawns with desert landscaping.
Built in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas leads Western U.S. cities scrambling to slash water consumption, increase recycling and squeeze more from underground aquifers as long-reliable surface water sources dry up.
From handing out fines for leaky sprinklers to charging homeowners high rates for high use, water officials in the U.S. West are chasing down squandered water one gallon at a time.
Nowhere is the sense of crisis more visible than on the outskirts of Las Vegas at Lake Mead, the nation's largest manmade reservoir, fed by the once-mighty Colorado River. A principal source of water for Nevada and Southern California, the lake has dipped to below half its capacity, leaving an ominous, white "bathtub ring" that grows thicker each year.
"We are in the eye of the storm," said Pat Mulroy, general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority. "As the realities of climate change began to manifest themselves at the beginning of this century, we had to get serious about it."
For now, policymakers have emphasized the need to curb water use rather than urban growth, though the U.S. recession has put the brakes on commercial and housing development that otherwise would be at odds with the West's water scarcity.
Warm, dry weather has long made the American West attractive to visitors, but piped-in water has created artificial oases, luring millions to settle in the region. Las Vegas has ranked as one of the fastest-growing major cities.
But scientists say climate change is shriveling the snow pack in California's Sierra Nevada, the state's main source of fresh surface water, and in the Rocky Mountains that feed the Colorado River, whose waters sustain seven states.
Further pressure from farming and urban sprawl is straining underground aquifers, placing a question mark over the future growth of cities from Los Angeles to Tucson, Arizona.
"There is going to have to be a big adjustment in the American Southwest and in California as we come to grips with limits in this century -- not just limited water, but also limited water supply," said James Powell, author of the book "Dead Pool," exploring challenges facing planners in the West.
Reactions among local water authorities differ.
In Phoenix, the United States' fifth-largest city, authorities say sustainable groundwater and ample surface water allocations from the Colorado and Salt rivers meet the city's needs, even factoring in growth through a moderate drought. The city is also recycling waste water and plans to pump some back into the aquifer as a cushion.
Tucson will require new businesses to start collecting rainwater for irrigation in 2010.
California requires developers of large housing projects to prove they have sufficient water.
In Las Vegas, where rain is so infrequent that some residents can remember the days it fell in a given year, front-yard turf has been banned for new homes.
The Southern Nevada Water Authority also has hired "water cops" to fan out into the suburbs to identify violations of mandatory lawn irrigation schedules and wasteful run-off. Repeat offenders get $80 fines.
Major hotel-casinos such as the MGM Mirage and Harrah's Entertainment have adopted "green" building codes, including modifications designed to slash water use by 40 percent.
Those measures are starting to pay off, with daily water use down 15 percent per person in the greater Las Vegas area.
In a wake-up call to California, water officials there recently announced that prolonged drought was forcing them to cut Sierra-fed supplies pumped to cities and irrigation districts by 85 percent.
That has led many California cities, topped by Los Angeles, the nation's second-largest, to plan for rationing, including price-enforced household conservation and tough new lawn watering restrictions.
"The level of severity of this drought is something we haven't seen since the early 1970s," Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in unveiling his city's drought plan, which also would put more water cops on the beat.
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last month called on the state's urban users to cut water consumption 20 percent or face mandatory conservation measures.
The California drought, now in its third year, is the state's costliest ever. Complicating matters are sharp restrictions on how much water can be pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta in northern California, which furnishes much of the state's irrigation and drinking supplies, to protect endangered fish species.
Moreover, the severe dry spell is leaving the state more vulnerable to wildfires, which last year consumed some several Los Angeles suburbs. The previous year, fires forced a record 500,000 Southern Californians to flee their homes.
Conservation will buy time, experts say. But bolder steps are needed in anticipation of longer droughts and renewed urban expansion once the recession ends.
Cities like Los Angeles and San Diego are revisiting an idea once abandoned in the face of staunch political opposition -- recycling purified sewer water for drinking supplies.
Disparaged by critics as "toilet-to-tap," such recycling plans have gained new currency from the success of the year-old Groundwater Replenishing System in Orange County near Los Angeles.
That system distills wastewater through advanced treatment and pumps it into the ground to recharge the area's aquifer, providing drinking supplies for 500,000 people, including residents of Anaheim, home of Disneyland.
Water specialists also see a need to capture more rainfall runoff that otherwise flows out to sea and to change the operation of dams originally built for flood control to maximize their storage capacity.
The situation in Las Vegas has grown so dire that water authorities plan to build a $3 billion pipeline to tap aquifers lying beneath a remote part of Nevada, a project critics call the greatest urban water grab in decades.
Southern Nevada water czar Mulroy says a broader national conversation about water is needed -- but not happening.
"We are talking about investing in public infrastructure, we are looking at building projects, but I get frustrated because we are doing it in complete denial of the climate change conditions that we are facing," she said.
"We are not looking at where the oceans are rising, where the floods are going to occur, where things are going to go from that normal state to something extraordinary."

How do you know if you're a Mexican? said...

You know you're a mexican if:

You share the same social security number with all your amigos
Your last name is Gonzalez-Rodriguez-Jesus
You smell like BO all the time
You don't know what BO is
You have at least thirty cousins
You can't imagine anyone not liking spicy food
There is at least one member in your family name Maria, Guadalupe, Juan, Jose, or Jesus
You run and hide when you see the border patrol
You see a fence and want to hop over it
You have crooked teeth
You are too short to go on rides in disney land
You mow lawns for a living
You're the best bean picker in your neighborhood
You fart more than you breath
Others tell you to stop screaming when you are really just talking
You use your lips to point something out
Your mother yells at the top of her lungs to call you to dinner even if it's a one bedroom apartment
You have at least thirty cousins
You can't imagine anyone not liking spicy food
You are in a 5-passenger car with 8 people in it
There is more Tequila than punch at little Juanito's birthday party
The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your spouse.
You’ve been married three times and still have the same in-laws.
Your Junior/Senior prom had a daycare.
Your toilet paper has page numbers on it.

Put the seat down? said...

Why in the hell should we ? Are you women incapable of operating a toilet seat? A woman ran for president for fuck sake, did she need the seat put down for her?

Besides, we laugh like hell when we hear you shriek in the middle of the night.

Mr Quad said...


Got a great deal on a 1993 Red TRX300 Quad, and a green one 1997. picked them up yesterday around 4:oo AM.
Also have a "trailor" its kind of like a trailer but is made in the Ozarks.
I have finally decided to sell my Jeep, have had it a couple years now and its time to get something new.
My partner is selling a really cool work truck if anyone is interested.

"$1,000.00 dollars to anyone for info on the above crimes. When I buy a house it won't be in this theiving state. Please help us if you can."
A) wow a thousand dollars, I can make more off the quads in Mexico.
B) Please go back to California and buy a house, please please please.
C) Really I'm helping you because this is R&R not Lost and found.
D) You have any tit pictures? maybe hanging on the quads naked?

Anonymous said...

Just think: the economy would soar, jobs would be plentiful, and the national debt problem would be solved if every scum-sucking liberal disappeared.

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Bocha said...

Muchas gracias por todo, por bancarnos desde el comienzo y hasta hoy en dia, gracias por eso y por ser uno de los seguidores de ABRAN CANCHA.

Hoy, y en parte por ti, hemos superado los 100 seguidores!!!

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consumer alert said...

World's deadliest spider found in Tulsa store

TULSA, Okla. – One of the most deadly spiders in the world has been found in the produce section of a Tulsa grocery store. An employee of Whole Foods Market found the Brazilian Wandering Spider Sunday in bananas from Honduras and managed to catch it in a container.
The spider was given to University of Tulsa Animal Facilities director Terry Childs who said this type of spider kills more people than any other.
Childs said a bite will kill a person in about 25 minutes and while there is an antidote he doesn't know of any in the Tulsa area.
Spiders often are found in imported produce, and a manager at Whole Foods says the store regularly checks its goods and that's how the spider was found.

Spammer Phoenix Realtor Loser said...

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this low life scum sucking moron constantly spams email boxes with his useless twit ass listings!

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The Re-Poster Guy said...

6 Used-Car Traps and How to Avoid Them

1. Bargain-Basement Pricing
You can get a great price on used cars, but beware of deals that seem too good to be true. There could be something seriously wrong with a car that a seller is practically giving away. Check the suggested value on Kelley Blue Book's or NADA's web sites before you begin negotiating and don't be afraid to ask the seller why the car is priced so low. Remember, just because the car is cheap doesn't mean it is a great deal.

2. No Further Inspection Necessary
A certified pre-owned vehicle is more likely to have been inspected than a car that's privately sold. But in both cases, you can protect yourself by having an independent mechanic look over the car. Paying for your own inspection can confirm problems you already knew existed, or bring to light additional issues that give you room to negotiate a better price. Ask the seller if your regular mechanic can give the car a once-over before you agree to purchase. If you're buying a CPO vehicle, ask the dealer if you can speak with the mechanic who performed the inspection.

If in either case you are told this can't be arranged, you should consider walking away from the deal.

3. Missing Paperwork
A private seller that tells you they don't have the title or maintenance records for the vehicle could be trying to keep something from you. Luckily, you don't have to rely on them to be transparent, as long as you have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Web sites like or CARFAX can provide a vehicle history report to compare with the information the seller has given you on the life of the car. These reports will also give you an ownership history if you're concerned with how many times the car has changed hands.

4. Not Available for Test Drives
If you can, it's always best to take the car for a spin before agreeing to purchase. Test driving a used car will not only give you a handle on how it drives, but it could alert you to any problems the seller downplayed or didn't mention. If you have time, let a friend drive the car as well they might notice something that you don't.

5. Sight-Unseen Transactions
The internet has made it easier to find great deals on a wide selection of used cars. But not all of them are in a location convenient to handle the transaction face-to-face, and there are several things to keep in mind when purchasing a car located elsewhere. First up, never transfer any money to a seller until you have the car and its title in hand. Second, be wary of sales that require more than basic transaction information to complete the sale. Third, only use online escrow accounts that you're familiar with to transfer the money and, if possible, pay in person with cash or a check instead. Fourth, try to negotiate a trial period with the car so that you can return it if you're not satisfied and get an agreement in writing.

6. Warranty Fine Print
If warranty coverage is offered with your used car, make sure that you understand the terms. Find out when the coverage began. While some manufacturers' plans begin from the time you purchase the vehicle, others modify the time by the age of your vehicle. If you're buying a car from a private seller, double-check whether their original warranty is transferrable so you can retain coverage. Determine whether your warranty includes maintenance, wear and tear, and roadside assistance. Lastly, ask what dealers (if not all) will honor your warranty coverage.

The Re-Poster Guy said...

Lethal air pollution booms in emerging nations
GENEVA – International experts are warning that potentially lethal air pollution has boomed in fast-growing big cities in Asia and South America in recent decades.
While Europe has managed to drastically cut some, but not all, of the most noxious pollutants over the past 20 years, emerging nations experienced the opposite trend with their fast economic growth, scientists at the UN's meteorological agency said.
Their comments came ahead of World Meteorological Day on Monday, which this year has the theme "The Air We Breathe".
The World Health Organization estimates that about two million people die prematurely every year as a result of air pollution, while many more suffer from breathing ailments, heart disease, lung infections and even cancer.
Fine particles or microscopic dust from coal or wood fires and unfiltered diesel engines are rated as one of the most lethal forms or air pollution caused by industry, transport, household heating, cooking and ageing coal or oil-fired power stations.
In 2005, the WHO estimated that deaths rates in cities with higher particle pollution were 15 to 20 percent above those found in cleaner cities.
"Particulate matter is of great concern in cities," said Liisa Jalkanen, atmospheric environment research chief at the World Meteorological Organisation.
"In Asia many cities such as Karachi, New Delhi, Kathmandu, Dacca, Shanghai, Beijing, and Mumbai they exceed all the limits."
"Also several cities in South America such as Lima, Santiago, Bogota. The worst city in Africa is Cairo," she told journalists.
Half of the world?s population now live in urban areas, and the proportion is expected to grow to two-thirds by 2030, according to the United Nations.
The WMO says more resources are needed for a global air monitoring network it runs with national weather offices.
Len Barrie, director of WMO research, said restrictions set up in Europe after concern about acid rain emerged in the 1980s have cut concentrations of another pollutant, sulphur dioxide, there "by a factor of 20".
"In other areas where economic growth has leapt forward, such as Asia, China, India, the opposite is true," he added. In North America levels were largely kept in check.
But Barrie told AFP that such pollution in China appeared to be reaching its peak.
"There?s a real awakening in China on the economic benefits of reducing air pollution," he added.
Attempts are being made to bring developing and emerging nations, as well as the United States, into a new global warming pact in Copenhagen in December.
While such curbs on carbon emissions can have a substantial impact on overall air pollution, they may not tackle it completely.
Levels of another harmful pollutant, nitrogen dioxide, from vehicle traffic have not decreased in Europe by as much as the WMO expected, while the impact of weather patterns on pollution is also a concern.

Elwood Doolittle Jr said...

Making our neigborhoods whiter one neighborhood at a time

About 12 years ago I saw that there would be a economic boom in the downdown area of Phoenix. I started buying homes in the crime infested hispanic neighborhoods in the downtown area. As I fixed these homes up the property value of the neigborhood when up forcing many hispanics to move because they could no longer pay the higher taxes on their homes. I bought their homes dirt cheap just by paying their back taxes. I got together with the city and the police and told them my plan to revitalize the neigborhoods.They cooperated with me and together we drove the drug dealers out of the neigborhoods. I started selling the homes to people who work in the downtown offices and wanted to live close to work. I made a fortune selling these homes but what I really feel proud of is that I removed the brown cancer that is eating this city up and replaced it with decent law abiding white folks. With all the homes in foreclosure I`m setting my sights on Maryvale.I have big plans on removing the brown cancer from these neighborhoods.Allready I have bought 72 homes dirt cheap from hispanics who could no longer afford their mortages. I `m buying these homes so cheap I can level whole neighborhoods and start over a again. I`m planning on building a gated community with a golf course to attact white folks with money. I might even build low cost housing that any white person can afford. I`m making our neighborhoods whiter one neighborhood at a time.

Viral Gnus N You said...

Rabies on the Increase in Az.

Illegal Mexicans are biting wild animals and transfering rabies to them.

Innocent cuacasian campers are in danger of being biten by these wild animals.

Colored people are not at risk because the forests scare them, and they do not camp ( coloreds living in tent city do not count as campers ).

Asians are not at risk because they are unable to drive a vehicle for more than 2 miles without crashing and public transportation does not extend to forest areas.

American ( Feathered ) Indians are no longer at risk because wild animals are unlikely to enter a casino.

Eastern ( Dot-Not-Feathered ) Indians are not at risk because the rabies virus affects the brain, and for unknown mystical reasons the virus will not travel beyond the forehead dot.

British subjects are born with rabies but can only transfer the disease by biting an opposing fan during a soccer match.

Middle Easterners are not thought to be at risk because a case of rabies has never been contracted from inside of a convienence store.

Eastern Europeans ( Russians, Serbs, Croatians etc. ) are generally not at risk because they are predisposed to accidentally shoot and kill most things they come into contact with.

Nigerians are not at risk because most scientist believe Nigerians actually are the rabies virus, in disguise.

Canadians are not at risk because the rabies virus accepts their nuetral status and will not attack.

Homo-sexuals are not at risk because the rabies virus cannot breed inside of them.

* for a complete list of others who are not at risk, please go to the .. ich bin ein rabies web-site.


National Director - Ruth the dog

A Blemish On My Member said...

Help Me-
When I was toweling off after my shower this morning, I noticed what appears to be a nice sized blackhead on the side of my penis. It is not swollen or inflamed, but looks like a little blemish that needs to be squeezed. I did not have a magnifying glass to really scope it out and I was running late for work anyway, but is it possible that you can get a zit on your male organ? And should I squeeze it out? Any suggestions?

Muk-Luk of the North said...

Blemish on Member Not Bad, Is Omen...

Volcano in Alaska blow up today.

Blemish is sign... from God.

When Volcano stop erupting, Blemish will leave.

Blemish Is Miracle !

You are the chosen one, ancestors speak of man with blemish who predicts eruption, saves many lives.

My people honor you, Blemished One.

Many moons ago, my people carve giant totem pole, shaped like Penis, from pine tree, we offer nuts and berries to ancient symbol and wait for him to return.

When blemish leave, danger over for my people.

We Thank you, Blemish Man.

Sure fire cure said...

RE: Blemish On My Rod

Have you tried Gorilla Glue? Spread on lightly, then wait for it to harden. It expands and draws everything out with it. Removing it could be a problem, but at worst leave it on, and when it hardens it will be a good cosmetic cover.

Listen Here, Monkey Breath! said...

90% of the world's greatest technological, medical, industrial, and artistic breakthroughs and advancements throughout history were created by WHITE MALES of European descent.

So, have a banana and fuck off.

America’s Unhealthiest Restaurants said...

Your favorite fast food restaurant is often like your favorite city: Visit some neighborhoods and you live the high life. Visit others and you’re just plain asking for trouble. And that’s where Eat This, Not That! comes in: We’ve analyzed and graded 66 different chain restaurants fast food and sit-down to determine which ones have healthy options, and which could turn out to be diet disasters.
What we found will surprise you. Specifically, some of the fast food joints you’ve come to think of as terrible for you actually ranked alright McDonald’s scored a B+, for example, so the Micky D’s drive-thru just might be your fast-lane to weight loss. Something even more shocking, though: more than half of the sit-down restaurants we graded ended up with our lowest scores!

To separate the commendable from the deplorable, we calculated the total number of calories per entrée. This gave us a snapshot of how each restaurant compared in average serving size a key indicator of unhealthy portion distortion. Then we rewarded establishments with fruit and vegetable side-dish choices, as well as offering whole-wheat bread. Finally, we penalized places for excessive amounts of trans fats and menus that tempt you with fat-laden desserts. Hey, if the neighborhood is crowded with shady characters, sooner or later, one of them will jump you.

Here’s our restaurant report card for some of the unhealthiest restaurants in America. It’ll help you stay on the safer side of town.

We thought we'd see some improvements after we identified Baskin's Heath Shake as the Worst Drink on the Planet. All they did was lower it from 2,300 to 1,900 calories, leaving an almost equally egregious drinkable disaster to set back unsuspecting sippers. It’s typical of the menu there; B-R’s soft serve is among the most caloric in the country, the smoothies contain more sugar than fruit, and most of what Baskin sticks into a cup winds up with more fat than what'll end up on your plate at a steakhouse buffet. Check out our complete list of the 20 Unhealthiest Drinks in America to see the other liquid offenders. If you learn how to make smart choices when you sip, you can lose a few pounds a month without giving up your favorite foods, or ever dieting again.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: With frozen yogurt, sherbet, and no-sugar-added ice cream, Baskin's lighter menu is the one bright spot. Just be sure to ask for your ice cream in a sugar or cake cone the waffle cone will swaddle your treat in an extra 160 calories.

Carl’s Jr.
Most fast-food restaurants today are making at least some attempt to offset their bulging burgers and deep-fried sides with healthier options such as lean sandwiches or yogurt parfaits. But Carl's Jr. is swimming against the nutritional tide, trying to attract those with hearty appetites and less concern about fat, salt and calories. The lightest item on the breakfast menu, for instance, is the Hash Brown Nuggets but even they have 21 grams of fat, and 5.5 of them are trans fats. (As a rule, you should try to get 2 grams or fewer of the stuff in an entire day!) The burgers are worse, and there's not a side on the menu that hasn't been given a long, bubbling bath in their trans-fatty frying oil.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Find another place to grab lunch. Failing that, you should settle on either the Charbroiled Chicken Salad with Low-Fat Balsamic Dressing or the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich the only sandwich on the menu with fewer than 400 calories.

Too bad the adult menu at Denny's doesn't adhere to the same standard as the kids' menu. The famous Slam breakfasts all top 800 calories, and the burgers are even worse. The Double Cheeseburger is one of the worst in the country, with 116 grams of fat, 7 of which are trans fats! (This explains why it made our list of the worst burgers in America (and what you should eat instead). Make sure you try to avoid it (and all others on the list) whenever possible.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: The Fit Fare menu gathers together all the best options on the menu. Outside of that, stick to the sirloin, grilled chicken, or soups. For breakfast, order a Veggie Cheese Omelet or create your own meal from a la carte options such as fruit, oatmeal, toast, and eggs.

Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen’s taste for excess rivals that of other fast-food failures such as Carl's Jr. and Hardees. But unlike Carl's, DQ offers an avalanche of ice cream creations to follow up its sodium-spiked, trans-fatty foods. Here's a look at one hypothetical meal: a Bacon Cheddar GrillBurger with Onion Rings and a Small Snickers Blizzard is a staggering 1,740-calorie meal with 2,640 mg sodium and 83 grams of fat 2 grams of which are trans fats.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Play solid defense. Skip elaborate burgers, fried sides, and specialty ice cream concoctions entirely. Order a Grilled Chicken Sandwich or an Original Burger, and if you must have a treat, stick to a small soft-serve or a small sundae.

Ruby Tuesday
The chain earned its fame from a hearty selection of hamburgers. The problem: They average 75 grams of fat a piece more than enough to exceed the USDA's recommended limit for the day. Even the veggie and turkey burgers have more than 850 calories! The chain rounds out its menu with a selection of appetizers that hover around 1,000 calories (supposedly to be split 4-ways), a smattering of high-impact entrées like potpie and ribs, and a sloppy selection of salads that is just as bad.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Solace lies in the three Ss: steak, seafood, and sides. Sirloins, salmon, and shrimp all make for relatively innocuous eating, especially when paired with one of Ruby Tuesday's half dozen healthy sides such as mashed cauliflower and baby green beans. Other than that, impersonate Mick Jagger and think about occasionally saying goodbye to Ruby Tuesday!

From burgers to baby back ribs, Chili's serves up some of the saltiest and fattiest fare on fast-food row. In fact, with 3,810 mg of sodium and 122 grams of fat, Chili's Smokehouse Bacon Triple Cheese Big Mouth Burger earns the distinction as being one of the worst burgers in America. The Guiltless Grill menu is Chili's attempt to offer healthier options, but with only eight items and an average sodium count of 1,320 mg, there’s meager hope for nutritional salvation.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: There's not too much to choose from after you omit the ribs, burgers, fajitas, chicken, and salads. You're better off with a Classic Sirloin and steamed vegetables or broccoli. Another decent option is the Chicken Fajita Pita with Black Beans and Pico de Gallo. A lot of the appetizers, while delicious, are worrisome too one from Chili’s made it on our list of Worst Appetizers in America.

Uno Chicago Grill
Uno has some serious strikes against it: The chain invented the deep-dish pizza, they encouraged gluttony with their Bigger and Better menu, and in 1997 they faced false-advertising charges for erroneously claiming that some of their pizzas were low in fat. They've cleaned up some of the more conspicuous health hazards and have increased nutritional transparency at all of their stores, but from appetizers to desserts, this menu is still riddled with belt-busting fat.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: First off, cast aside the bloated breadstick that Uno tries to sneak onto most plates. Next, choose flatbread over deep-dish pizzas it could save you more than 1,000 calories. Beyond that, stick to soups or entree items served with Mango Salsa.

Don't let the made-fresh-daily shtick distract you; Chevy's massive portions push many of the meals beyond the 1,000-calorie threshold. The taco trader’s menu has three strikes against it:
1.) the consistently high amount of fat in its entrees (the average salad has 67 grams);
2.) the outrageous salt levels that make it difficult to find a meal with fewer than 2,000 mg of sodium (you should get around that amount in an entire day of eating); and 3.) the chain earns its poor score by failing to offer complete nutritional disclosure. It provides no information for its appetizers or quesadillas, for instance, and although it maintains it uses trans-fat free oils, there's no trans-fat data for the full entrees.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: The best items on the menu are the Homemade Tortilla Soup, with just 393 calories and a full 26 grams of protein, and the Santa Fe Chopped Salad, which has only 470 calories when you order it without cheese. If you can't resist an entrée, order it without all the fixin's tamalito, rice, sour cream, and cheese. That should knock more than 300 calories off your meal.

On the Border
On the Border is a subsidiary of Brinker International, the same parent company that owns Chili's and Romano's Macaroni Grill. It should come as no surprise then that this chain is just as threatening to your health as its corporate cohorts. The overloaded menu offers appetizers with 120 grams of fat, salads with a full day's worth of sodium, and taco entrées with an horrific 960 calories and that’s the calculation without rice and beans. Border crossing is a decidedly dangerous enterprise.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: The Border Smart Menu highlights four items with fewer than 600 calories and 25 grams of fat. Those aren't great numbers considering they average 1,800 mg of sodium apiece, but that's all you've got to work with.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill
For years now we've been on Romano's case to clean up the menu at the beloved Macaroni Grill. So far we've had no luck. This Italian grease spot serves some of the worst appetizers in the country, offers not one dinner entrée with fewer than 800 calories, and hosts no fewer than 60 menu items with more than 2,000 mg of sodium almost an entire day’s worth of the salt! A select few menu items earn the restaurant's Sensible Fare logo a fork with a halo over it but unfortunately these items can still carry up to 640 calories and 25 grams of fat.

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Macaroni Grill will let you build your own dish. Ask for the marinara over a bed of the restaurant's whole-wheat penne, and then top it with grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. Just beware their salads one of them made our list of America’s Worst Salads!

Baja Fresh
It's a surprise Baja Fresh's menu has yet to collapse under the weight of its own fatty fare. About a third of the items on the menu have more than 1,000 calories, and most of them are spiked with enough sodium to melt a polar icecap. Order the Shrimp Burrito Dos Manos Enchilado-Style, for instance, and you're looking at 5,130 mg sodium that's more than 2 days' worth in one sitting!

SURVIVAL STRATEGY: Unless you're comfortable stuffing 110 grams of fat into your arteries, avoid the nachos at all costs. In fact, avoid almost everything on this menu. The only safe options are the tacos, or a salad topped with salsa verde and served without the belly-busting tortilla bowl.

Applebee’s, IHOP, Outback, T.G.I. Friday’s
These titans of the restaurant industry are among the last national chains that don’t offer nutritional information on their dishes. Even after years of badgering their representatives, we still hear the same old excuses: it’s too pricey, it’s too time-consuming, it’s impossible to do accurately because their food is so fresh, or we have too much variety. Our response is simple: If nearly every other chain restaurant in the country can do it, then why can’t they?

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9 wackiest tax deductions for 2009

1. Paper-thin home office deduction
CPAs sometimes feel they've opened a Pandora's box when they introduce newly self-employed clients to the wonderland of home office deductions: Give 'em an inch and ... well, you wind up like one Arizona accountant whose client exhibited an unusual amount of tax swagger.

The client asked for a home office deduction for the toilet paper he bought for his house. No word on the nature of his business.

2. Hell hath no fury ...
Walt Hatter, CPA at Hatter & Associates in Fort Worth, has seen some generous Texans in his day, but none compare to the woman who literally gave it all away.

The client, whose income was in the $40,000 range, brought in noncash charitable receipts from donations made to various charities. The donation total came to roughly the same dollar amount as her income.

Hatter was about to nominate her for sainthood until he heard the rest of the story.

"She had gotten a divorce; her husband had cheated on her and just never came back," Hatter says. "He called her up and said he would send a moving van to divide their assets. So, she loaded up everything he would want two or three sets of golf clubs and all the furniture, including some of his family antiques and took it all to Goodwill. She even had photos of all the stuff!"

It fell to Hatter to inform her that she could only deduct up to 50 percent of her adjusted gross income.

"We wound up with something like $15,000 in contributions," he says. "I just knew that that return was going to get audited, but it never did."

3. At least it wasn't 'Travel & Entertainment'
Sometimes business owners will try to slide a fast one by the IRS by classifying a business deduction in a category where the dollar signs might not raise an eyebrow.

One such fastball didn't pass the eyebrow test with this Oklahoma accountant, however.

"We were reviewing a business client's accounting entries and noted a check for over $2,000 written to a gynecologist. It was classified on the business books as 'repairs and maintenance.'"

4. Bubble bath credit
Taxpayers sometimes get into hot water by deducting their spas and swimming pools, either as medical deductions or, more boldly, as business expenses.

"We had a woman who tried to deduct her tricked-out Jacuzzi hot tub due to medical reasons," says Elizabeth Dittrick of Dittrick and Associates in Cleveland. "That can be a legitimate expense -- but not the underwater speakers, the mood lighting and the in-tub stereo. So we ended up deducting a portion of it but removed the sound and lightshow. She did use it for medical reasons; she had arthritis and had a note from her doctor."

It was going to be a bit longer swim for one New Jersey accountant's client.

"A taxpayer wanted to write off a $100,000 swimming pool for medical reasons," says the accountant. "Swimming, he explained quite seriously, relaxed him so he could earn more money, which in turn would be taxable."

Uh ... no.

5. Beautify your return
Ah, nature! So peaceful, so inspiring, so ... deductible?

It can be, at least according to Allyson Baumeister, CPA at Sanford, Baumeister & Frazier in Forth Worth.

"I had a lady client who didn't like some of her really mature trees, they didn't fit into her new landscaping theme," she says. "So, she dug them out and donated them to charity."

"She had to get somebody to appraise the value of the trees, but the IRS allowed it," says Baumeister.

6. Unmarried, filing weirdly
Common-law marriages can create tax complications, as Hatter found out when two young, single clients who had been living together for a number of years decided to file jointly as a married couple.

"You can do that in Texas by meeting certain criteria, living together for so long," Hatter says. "The problem is, when you decide that you don't want to live together anymore, it creates all sorts of problems with the IRS."

That's because once a couple files jointly, everything thereafter is keyed off of the male partner's Social Security number.

"You don't have to go through a divorce per se; it just takes a little letter-writing campaign to the IRS to get it fixed," Hatter says.

7. Dancing with the IRS
Who doesn't get a little carried away with the grace and fluidity of ballroom dancing? But according to a Tucson, Ariz., CPA, some dance moves fail to charm the taxman.

The accountant's client was an elderly woman who had once been a university professor. When her doctor suggested she take up dancing to improve her arthritic hips, she enrolled at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio.

"The first year, she brought in her tax data and wanted to deduct over $8,000 in dance lessons," the accountant says. "I got her to have her doctor write a letter and I believe I did deduct it the first year."

Ah, but you know how infectious ballroom dancing can be.

"The second year, she brought in receipts totaling over $35,000 for dance lessons and another $18,000 for gowns and expenses to travel on cruises for herself and her 'instructor' from this dance studio; he was in his 20s and she was about 85 by this time," the accountant says. "I was appalled and obviously did not deduct these expenses as medical although I was temped to call it a theft loss."

The accountant notified adult protective services, which launched an investigation of the situation. Her client died before it was completed.

8. Of guard cats and canine contractors
Taxpayers become pretty creative when it comes to devising ways to deduct their pets on their tax returns. In this series alone, we've featured one pet lover who claimed his dog as a dependent, another who attempted to write off the dog food for his "home security system," and yet another who claimed Fido as a landscaping subcontractor.

Ed Mendlowitz, CPA at WithumSmith+Brown in New Brunswick, N.J., has heard it so much that he actually devised a tongue-in-cheek response:

"When I have a client ask me if they can deduct their cat or dog, I usually inquire in a very serious tone about their pet's age and whether the cat or dog is a full-time student. Parrots and other long-lived animals, by contrast, may qualify for elderly benefits."

9. Costly adoption
A Kissimmee, Fla., CPA inherited the case of a 65-year-old woman who took in a 20-something student renter and handyman. She liked the lad so much she decided to welcome him into her family at least on her taxes.

The woman's original accountant never questioned the deduction, which incidentally enabled the woman to not claim the rental income from her new "nephew."

"There are guidelines CPAs use to determine whether or not a relative by blood, marriage or adoption is considered a dependent," the Kissimmee CPA says. "In this case, the young man was none of the above. She was confusing emotional attachment with an actual factual definition."

Long story short, the IRS caught on three years later and slapped "Auntie" with $5,000 in back taxes and a $2,000 penalty for failing to disclose income.

The Kissimmee CPA came to the rescue, filed amended returns and eventually reclaimed part of the excess taken by the IRS.

Ironically, because the renter had remodeled part of her home, "Auntie" could have offset that expense against the rental income and ended up with a better and legitimate deduction than claiming him as a dependent.

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NEW YORK – Drugstore operator Walgreens will offer free clinic visits to the unemployed and uninsured for the rest of the year, providing tests and routine treatment for minor ailments through its walk-in clinics though patients will still pay for precriptions.
Walgreens said patients who lose their job and health insurance after March 31 will be able to get free treatment at its in-store Take Care clinics for respiratory problems, allergies, infections and skin conditions, among other ailments. Typically those treatments cost $59 or more for patients with no insurance.
Hal Rosenbluth, chairman of the Take Care Health Systems division, described the plan as something close to an experiment: He said Walgreens isn't sure of patient demand or how much providing the services might cost the company.
It's likely to generate more attention for the clinics, however. Rosenbluth said a typical Take Care patient tells eight other people about his or her experience. So far, about 30 percent of Take Care patients were new customers to Walgreens.
The program is expected to last through the end of 2009. Walgreens runs 341 Take Care clinics in 35 markets around the country, including Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and Cleveland.
Free services will be offered only from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Walgreens said it will not offer free checkups, vaccinations or other injections because it is focusing on providing services patients might otherwise get at an urgent-care center or even an emergency room.
Patients must present proof they are unemployed, including a federal or state unemployment determination letter and an unemployment check stub. They will have to sign a form at the clinic saying they have lost their jobs and health benefits. If they find a new job or get new health insurance, they will no longer be eligible for free care.
Spouses and children are also eligible for free services if they don't have insurance of their own.
Medical lab operator Quest Diagnostics is participating in the program by offering free tests for step throat and urinary tract infections.
Walgreens bought the Take Care clinics in May 2007. Take Care says it has seen about 1.2 million patients since its launch in November 2005 and estimates that up to 30 percent of them were uninsured.

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FDA cracks down on unapproved narcotic painkillers

WASHINGTON DC – The government ordered 14 unapproved narcotic painkillers off the market Tuesday, prescription versions of potent morphine, hydromorphone and oxycodone. The Food and Drug Administration told nine manufacturers to quit distributing the drugs within 90 days but insisted there are plenty of legal versions of the painkillers being sold for patients who need relief.
"There will be no shortage for consumers," said Deborah Autor, director of FDA's drug compliance office.
The move is part of the FDA's years-long attempt to weed out thousands of prescription drugs that sell despite never being formally approved by the health regulatory agency. Many entered the market decades ago, before federal law required such approval. The FDA estimates that unapproved drugs account for 2 percent of all prescriptions filled.
Tuesday, the FDA targeted unapproved versions of high-concentrate liquid morphine sulfate and unapproved immediate-release tablets containing morphine sulfate, hydromorphone and oxycodone. Most are generic.
To help consumers tell if they have an approved or unapproved version, the FDA posted both lists on its Web site:
Manufacturers receiving warning letters Tuesday are: Boehringer Ingelheim Roxane Inc. of Columbus, Ohio; Cody Laboratories Inc. of Cody, Wyo.; Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Mahwah, N.J.; Lannett Co. Inc. of Philadelphia; Lehigh Valley Technologies Inc. of Allentown, Pa.; Mallinckrodt Inc. Pharmaceuticals Group of St. Louis; Physicians Total Care inc. of Tulsa; Roxane Laboratories Inc. of Columbus, Ohio; and Xanodyne Pharmaceutical Inc. of Newport, Ky.
The largest, Boehringer, didn't immediately return a call seeking comment.
Even FDA-approved versions of these painkillers pose a risk of serious side effects, but the unapproved products add an extra problem: Regulators haven't checked that those versions work as well and are as pure as their approved competitors.
Companies that don't heed the FDA's deadline could face big penalties: The government once seized $24 million worth of unapproved drugs from a company that ignored a stop-selling order, Autor noted.

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