Jan 1, 2009

Archived Postings for January 2009

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The following are archived postings for the Month of January 2009.
I have decided to continue to archive these postings monthly.
I kept these because this was the first month of people supporting this NEW alternative to craigslist.org Rants and Raves.


Bangkok Joe said...

Happy 2009 from Thailand

Happy New Year from... said...

Hong Kong

Happy New Year from... said...


Happy New Year from... said...

London, England.

Yanks, I hope Obama is hell of lot better than Bush.

Frankfurt Germany said...

happy new year world from Deutschland

Bronx Stomper said...

Good Morning New York, and a Happy New Year.

Happy New Year said...

With love from Russia.

Pedro said...

Happy New Year to all my Mexican brothers and sisters up north in the USA.
This is our year to take over........
We will through Barack Obama become part of the United states and thus start our never ending takeover of white America.

juan said...

Heys Pedro, I got me a trck 4 xmas, i stoles it

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Philadelphia

Curly Joe said...

Good Morning New York, I've been up all night partying.
Just had great sex.
I am drunk and going to bed.
Happy New Year.

The Patton Doctrine said...

Happy New Year to one and all throughout the world.

Please visit my BLOG ::
Patton Doctrine

I try and keep it a totally neutral blog about politics in the USA.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed the pictures, videos, and links to make this blog.

Moving to Arizona said...

Happy New Year fro Phoenix Arizona-

The Obama change is coming.
I hope he does well.
The first time I have ever voted Democrat.

Diaries of a Janitor said...

Happy New Year to all.
It's a crazy time in America,
Be patient, we are a great nation, things will work themselves out.
I been around for awhile, seen a bit.

Entertain yourselves, read my chronicle diaries of my 30 years working in a major Chicago Hospital as a janitor, I've seen some crazy ass things.

Diaries of Janitor

The Daily Gun Picture said...

whether you are pro or anti gun, this blog will interest you......

daily gun pictures

Body and Flesh said...

Join me in my sexual postings and gratification I get from spanking pretty women, who both want it and deserve it.

This BLOG is for adults only, no one under the age of 18 is permitted!

Body and Flesh

I Campaigned for Obama said...

Bush will be gone soon.

You filthy dirty right wing religious nuts and your bullshit rules are finally over.

The Daily Q.A. said...

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JARNCO5 said...

Voice Of Conservative America

Thousands of shoes tie up Miami freeway traffic said...

MIAMI FL – State troopers are looking for a charity to take thousands of shoes that were dumped on a Miami expressway, tying up rush hour traffic. Lt. Pat Santangelo says the Florida Highway Patrol received a call about the shoes Friday morning.
Santangelo says he's not sure where the shoes came from. There were no signs of a crash and no one stopped to claim them. He says he hopes someone will take them because he doesn't want to send them to the dump.
Workers using a front-end loader and a dump truck were able to quickly clear at least one lane by sweeping all the shoes to shoulder, but delays were expected until they could all be removed.

Why Convert 2 Islam? said...

Visit my blog brothers and sister...
learn why you should convert to Islam.

America has started down the path, Obama will lead the way.

Why Convert to Islam

always sunny in philadelphia said...

Hello World, just waking up, got me some T.A.P.

palestinians/arabs/niggers said...

What's the difference between the three groups? Not a fucking thing! They're all animals. If the arabs are so worried about their"brethren", that would be the palestinians, then why haven't they offered them the use of some of their own land they could call home? Because even the arabs think of pelestinians as sub-human animals. I hope Israel turns the Gaza Strip into a huge fucking parking lot.

Obama on the Gaza terrorists and Israel said...

"...any country would find it [un]acceptable to have missiles raining down on the heads of their citizens."

"If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that, and I would expect Israelis to do the same thing."

"It is very hard to negotiate with a group that is not representative of a nation state, does not recognize your right to exist, has consistently used terror as a weapon, and is deeply influenced by other countries."

talk is cheap said...

RE, Obama on the Gaza terrorists and Israel

we will see what he does when he takes office!

black humor said...

Why do baby negros have flat noses?

That's where the doctor puts his feet when he's pulling off their tail.

Old racist said...

The 70s are over. You're kind is over. Take your white asses and go die. Pathetic white dickhead's. We are taking over.

The Only Good Arab... said...

Is a dead arab!

a lot of hostility there... said...

re, old racist

please nigga chill out!

from NYC, be advised.... said...

Israel is intent on starting World War III.

neuter that said...

Hey there stupid- if israel was intent on starting wwIII, it would have been started already.

some advice from new york said...

if only everyone could see this and understand it....

When she stares at your mouth
[ Kiss her ]

When she pushes you or hits you like a dumb ass cuz she thinks shes stronger than you
[ Grab her and dont let go ]

When she starts cursing at you tryin to act all tuff
[ Kiss her and tell her you love her ]

When she's quiet
[ Ask her whats wrong ]

When she ignores you
[ Give her your attention ]

When she pulls away
[ Pull her back ]

When you see her at her worst
[ Tell her she's beautiful ]

WHen you see her start crying
[Just hold her and dont say a word ]

When you see her walking
[ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ]

When she's scared
[ Protect her ]

When she steals your favorite hat
[ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night ]

When she teases you
[ Tease her back and make her laugh ]

When she doesn't answer for a long time
[ reassure her that everything is okay ]

When she looks at you with doubt
[ Back yourself up ]

When she says that she likes you
[she really does more than you can understand]

When she grabs at your hands
[ Hold her's and play with her fingers ]

When she bumps into you;
[ bump into her back and make her laugh ]

When she tells you a secret
[ keep it safe and untold ]

When she looks at you in your eyes
[ dont look away until she does ]

When she says it's over
[ she still wants you to be hers ]

When she reposts this bulletin
[ she wants you to read it ]

- Stay on the phone with her even if she's not saying anything

- When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go

- When she says she's ok dont believe it, talk with her because 10 yrs later she'll remember you

- Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her

-Treat her like she's all that matters to you.

- Stay up all night with her when she's sick.

- Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think it's stupid

- Give her the world.
- Let her wear your clothes

-When she's bored and sad, hang out with her

- Let her know she's important.

- Don't talk about other girls around her

- Kiss her in the pouring rain

- When she runs up to you crying, the first thing you say is;
"Whose ass am I kicking baby?"

in new york city baby said...

Jews are destroying America

The whole world hates America because of the Jew assholes. The Jew assholes steal other people's land and kill Palestinians like they are flies. America must de-couple itself from the Zionists. If the founding fathers were alive today, and found how American foreign policy has been taken over by Jews, they would know that America is lost. Let's take America back. The Jews are their own people and are loyal only to themselves. The Jews could never get along with any other people through out history. Fight Zionism.

yeps, i voted 4 hims said...

i LOVE my new muslim president!!!! (and his angry miiltant HO)

Personal ad mesa arizona said...

Looking for Mr Wrong

Are you totally consumed with your own self worth – to the point that you see no flaw in yourself but you project flaws onto your partner?
Do you enjoy cheating on your lover, both emotionally and physically?
Does your “solo” time usually involve like four or five other women who you’re NOT involved with WHILE you’re in a relationship?
Do you like to pick fights about stupid shit and then berate your partner until she cries because you just KNOW that you’re right and she’s wrong?
Do you enjoy lying to your woman’s face?
Are you a man of his word who almost never KEEPS his word, at least… to his woman that is?
Do you like being the martyr while berating your woman for not “sacrificing” enough for you?
Do you hate rainbows, puppies, and kittens?
Are video (D&D, card, etc.) games more important than sex?
Do you bitch about your woman’s weight when you’re about 45 pounds past healthy and she’s easily 20 pounds under it?
Do you sleep with a loaded weapon in the bed, lest the “Shadow Men” come and attack you?
Have you ever dumped a woman over text?
Have you ever told your girlfriend you were going out with “the guys” and “the guys” were really her best friend?
Have you told your girl you’d show up to her important event and then arrived drunk because you “forgot”?
Are you a binge drinker or alcoholic who likes to come home from the bar and then verbally beat your woman?
Do you sleep with men sometimes?
Are you a whiney sniveling mama’s boy?
Do you demand that she only have female friends because you’re too threatened by other men and you like hitting on her friends when she’s not looking?
Do you have more than one personality?
Are they all pretty much dicks, assholes, and bastards?
Gentlemen… if you like treating your woman like shit for no reason other than you’re a flaming asshole, then apparently I’m the girl for you!After my FOURTH failed adult relationship, it’s come to my attention that I apparently like being abused. So rather than start with all the bullshit about how I need a man who will treat me right, I’m out to find yet another asshole who can walk into my life and destroy my soul.If you meet some or ALL of above qualifications, I want your digits!!! The above encompasses my last four relationships.
I apparently want a guy just like the ones before so let’s keep adding to THIS hot sheet!

I’m 25, 5’4” tall, 120 lbs (and losing) with dark hair and dark eyes. I smoke, don’t do drugs, and don’t drink. I have a dog, my own job, my own place, and my own car. I’m told that I’m a fantastic lover, incredibly devoted, and apparently in desperate need of a man who wants to abuse me and take me for granted.
I like decent looking Caucasian men with dark hair and light eyes, although the biggest bastards seem to come with black hair and green eyes so let’s keep up that trend too!! Height not a requirement; short guys can be just as big a dick as tall guys. Preference to Jewish guys!!! While a man can be an asshole at any age, I require a man be 21 to 32. Explain to me why YOU are the asshole that I should date next!

Attention: MILF said...


No expiration date! Redeemable at a time of your choosing! And trust me... you will have more than juices running down your chin! How about a nice sausage for dinner before the dessert? Sound good to you?

The Re-Poster Guy said...

Richardson drops bid for commerce secretary post-

WASHINGTON DC – New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson abandoned his nomination to become commerce secretary under pressure of a grand jury investigation into a state contract awarded to his political donors an investigation that threatened to embarrass President-elect Barack Obama.
Richardson insisted he would be cleared in the investigation and Obama stood by the governor as an "outstanding public servant." But both men said it has become clear that a grand jury probe would not be finished in time for Richardson's confirmation hearings and could keep him from filling the post in a timely matter.
Richardson's withdrawal was the first disruption of Obama's Cabinet process and the second "pay-to-play" investigation that has touched Obama's transition to the presidency. The president-elect has remained above the fray in both the case of arrested Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the New Mexico case.
A federal grand jury is investigating how a California company that contributed to Richardson's political activities won a New Mexico transportation contract worth nearly $1.5 million. Richardson said in a statement issued by the Obama transition office that the investigation could take weeks or months but expressed confidence it will show he and his administration acted properly.
Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said he expected a new commerce secretary to be nominated soon but didn't have a timetable. Gibbs said the problem with Richardson's nomination wasn't a matter that those tasked to look into his background missed something.
"I think the totality of our Cabinet picks is impressive and I think our vetters have done a good job," Gibbs told reporters traveling with Obama as he moved to Washington on Sunday night.
A senior Obama adviser said Richardson gave assurances before he was nominated last month that he would come out fine in the investigation and the president-elect had no reason to doubt it. But as the grand jury continued to pursue the case, it became clear that confirmation hearings would have to be delayed for six weeks or even longer until the investigation was complete, said the adviser, speaking on condition of anonymity about the discussions because they were private.
Aides to both men insisted that Richardson made the decision to withdraw and was not pushed out by Obama. But one Democrat involved in discussions over the matter said transition officials became increasingly nervous during the last couple of weeks that the investigation was a bigger problem than Richardson had originally indicated.
Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said the governor believed the grand jury matter would be cleared up by this time, but decided to withdraw when it became clear it wouldn't. "It was the governor's idea, and his decision," Gallegos said.
Obama said he has accepted Richardson's withdrawal, first reported by NBC News, "with deep regret."
"Governor Richardson is an outstanding public servant and would have brought to the job of Commerce Secretary and our economic team great insights accumulated through an extraordinary career in federal and state office," Obama said in a statement. "It is a measure of his willingness to put the nation first that he has removed himself as a candidate for the Cabinet to avoid any delay in filling this important economic post at this critical time. Although we must move quickly to fill the void left by Governor Richardson's decision, I look forward to his future service to our country and in my administration."
Richardson said in his statement that he will remain as governor and told Obama, "I am eager to serve in the future in any way he deems useful."
"I have concluded that the ongoing investigation also would have forced an untenable delay in the confirmation process," Richardson said. "Given the gravity of the economic situation the nation is facing, I could not in good conscience ask the president-elect and his administration to delay for one day the important work that needs to be done."
The announcement came ahead of Obama's Monday meetings with congressional leaders on a massive economic recovery bill he wants lawmakers to pass quickly. Obama transition officials said Richardson's withdrawal would not affect the stimulus plan because the Commerce Department was not heavily involved.
A person familiar with the investigation in New Mexico has told The Associated Press that the grand jury is looking into possible "pay-to-play" dealings between CDR Financial Products and someone in a position to push the contract through with the state of New Mexico.
State documents show CDR was paid a total of $1.48 million in 2004 and 2005 for its work on a transportation program.
In a statement issued Sunday night, CDR CEO David Rubin described Richardson as "an exceptionally able and dedicated public official, who was highly deserving of the opportunity to hold a cabinet-level position in the new Obama Administration." Rubin also said CDR "adamantly doesn't practice pay-for-play under any circumstance on any playing field."
Richardson ran against Obama in the Democratic presidential primary, but withdrew after a poor showing in the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary.
He is one of the most prominent Hispanics in the Democratic Party, having served in Congress and as President Clinton's ambassador to the United Nations and energy secretary. As governor, he has kept up an international profile with a specialty in dealing with rogue nations. Obama also considered him to be secretary of state.
CDR and Rubin have contributed at least $110,000 to three political committees formed by Richardson, according to an AP review of campaign finance records.
The largest donation, $75,000, was made by CDR in June 2004 a couple of months after the transportation financing arrangement won state approval to a political committee that Richardson established before the Democratic National Convention that year.
In the Illinois case, Blagojevich is accused of trying to sell the Senate seat that Obama gave up to become president. Obama and two of his top aides have been interviewed by the U.S. attorney's office pursuing the case but have denied any knowledge of such a scheme and have not been accused by prosecutors of any wrongdoing.

Proof all muslims must die said...

Female bomber at Shiite shrine in Baghdad kills 38.

Hello Ladies said...

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On our first date bring your wallet because I will be leaving mine at home and bring a pen to sign your soul over to me.

complaining about old people said...

All of us get old if we're lucky. Some of us never wise up though.

ghostwriter said...

Is the Illuminati real, or just something crazy conspiracy theorists believe in??


Share your opinions!

constipationtown said...

I need to SHIT

So I got this turd I've named her Silly Sally and she has decided to stay in the confines of my ass. I've pushed and pushed and nothing not even air , it's starting to hurt I've squated used some KY and now I have decided to get an enima so who is going to give me my enima??

Anyone ?

You ?

Question for today? said...

What do you hate?

Anonymous said...


I hate Obama

Moving to Arizona said...

Come visit this blog, some new things have been added, which include...
1)) The National Debt Calculator, constantly running showing the total accrued U.S. Debt.
2)) The NEW Countdown (counting backwards) days left for Barack Hussein Obama as President.

I like this Blog, it is prett neutral.

P.S. - I voted for Obama

Blog Name:
Patton Doctrine

Blog URL Address:

LOL said...

Q-4-Today -

I hate everything and everybody!

Bob said...

re, Q-4-Today....

I hate John McCain, he is a loser, loser, loser!

dwell on it said...

re,re Q-4-Today -

I hate craigslist, it sucks, sucks, sucks!

get out of my town said...

re,re re-Q-4-Today:

I hate Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, what a total asshole.

Anonymous said...

re,re,re,re, Q-4-Today.......

I hate Mexicans..........
fuck all you Mexican Tards,
hope you all die.

a conservative said...

re, re, re Q-4-Today - - -

I hate Liberals !!!!!!!!!!!!!

black is goooooooood said...

re, re Q-4-Today ::

I hate white people

homeowner said...

re, re, re, re, re, re re, re Q-4-Today....


today's question said...

Oral Sex, do you do swallow?

Anonymous said...

today's question?

Oral Sex-
yes I swallow,
I am gay !!!

single girl said...

re, today's question?

Oral Sex-
NO I don't swallow, never, ever!

ROFLMAO said...

re,re, today's question?

Oral Sex-
yes I swallow-
always, my bf makes me.

black gay man said...

re - today's question?

Oral Sex-
Damn Skippy I swallow.

L.o.L. said...

re,re,re today's question?????

Oral Sex-
No, but I can spit that gooey stuff so it sticks to the ceiling.

hong kong said...

re-today's question ?

Doing Oral Sex -
yes I swallow, I am a good Asian girl.

Bangkok said...

today's question ?

Oral Sex-
I wouldn't pay my Thai slut hooker if she didn't.

Manila Philippines said...

re,re,re,re, today's question ???????

Oral Sex-

my Filipino swallows the load and then licks off the residue and begs for more!

White Boy in Malaysia said...

today's question?

Oral Sex-
My Muslim Malay slut at the Butterworth factory sucks cock like there's no tomorrow.

Bronx Stomper, NYC said...

today's question?

Oral Sex-

when I want really good head, I just get me a street walker and let her suck my load off till I am dry, dry, dry.

Downtown Philadelphia said...

re - - today's question - ?

Oral Sex-

I found them black bitches suck best.

Young Singapore Chinese Stud said...

Today's Question ? ! ?

Oral Sex-

When I want good ORAL Sex I just go to Jakarta Indonesia.

Those whores suck me till I want to piss all over their faces!

London England said...

Just found this blog on UK Google.

to answer today's question?

About Oral Sex-

British housewives rarely suck cock let along swallow it mate.
That's why I am heading for Asia and as many whores houses as I can visit in two weeks.

Anonymous said...

Here's another crazy ad on craigslist (CL) in Tempe Arizona

2 FREE CHICKENS!!!! Delivery included
Free Chickens.
Located in tempe AZ
call 602 499 0103
one is brown and one is white
they need a good home or something

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AGAIN, let me lay this out for you

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goodyear arizona said...

Free Bowling Balls

I can't get them down my pants.

come get them!

the silliness of it all said...

I think Dan Quayle is posting here !!!

Tomatoes Are Trouble said...

While eating lunch today I came to a difficult decision.

I no longer want tomatoes on my sandwiches.

There, I've said it!

With all due respect to the tomato, a lovely food, I have concluded that they add nothing to my dining experience. In fact, in the realm of sandwichery, they often cause me much frustration and heartache.

To wit: tomatoes have a very high water content. While this makes them perfect for sauces--marinara, pizza sauce, ketchup, to name a few--it is a detriment when inserted between slices of pumpernickel. I do not like soggy bread.

Additionally, tomatoes have that slightly slimy texture. What, pray tell, is that gelatinous stuff around those seeds, anyhow?! Mr. Tomato, I love how you taste, but for heavens sake please, please get yourself together. You are a mess! I can't count how many times I have lifted a perfectly crafted and neatly stacked sandwich to my lips, only to have it fall apart a microsecond before biting into it. The cause? Slippery tomato slices creating sandwich chaos.

Oh, I understand it is not solely the tomato slice which is to blame for the sandwich content slippage. Mayo, cheese, turkey, you are guilty too. Lettuce, especially when in contact with tomato slice, is an innocent-looking teflonesque troublemaker. Tomato and lettuce must always be separated, like two naughty children in the back of the classroom.

I will still eat you, tomato slice. On the side. With a little salt and pepper. But, you will no longer be on the guest list when it comes to my sandwich party. You are simply too much work.

Besides, a tomato is a fruit, and fruit does not belong on a sandwich. That's simply common sense.

You all can go ahead and eat your slippery, slimy, soggy sandwiches. I'll take mine sans fruit. When your sandwich contents end up on your chest I won't say I told you so, but I will be thinking it.

Don't even get me started on mustard.

Changing Guards said...

Hillary Clinton will never be Condi Rice.

Duh said...

re - Changing Guards.......

Thank you Professor Politics. We are all aware that Hillary will not turn into a piano playing black woman upon confirmation....DUH!! Oh and by the way the Bush administration sucks and Condi Rice holds a lot of responsibility for the poor handling of diplomatic efforts the last eight years. We are watching the 6 and a half years of neglect play out in the Middle East right now. I think you conservatives are dumb struck by the lack of scapegoat for the condition of the country you are leaving behind. Never before have you enjoyed a majority in all three branches and you never realized how much easier it was to have Bill Clinton to blame. Now you only have yourselves but of course you all try to point the finger anywhere else. So grown up. ATTENTION: we will not give the government back to a party of people that do not believe in government. REPIGLICANS SUCK!!!!!

the best way to negotiate with Hamas said...

is Nuke their ass!

so you wanna be a 'G' Man said...

WASHINGTON DC – Wanted by the FBI: agents, language specialists, computer experts, intelligence analysts and finance experts.
The FBI said on Monday it had launched one of the largest hiring blitzes in its 100-year history involving 2,100 professional staff vacancies and 850 special agents aimed at filling its most critical vacancies.
The agency, which seeks to protect the United States from terrorist attack, fight crime and catch spies, among other duties, said it currently has more than 12,800 agents and about 18,400 other employees.
Since the Sept 11, 2001, attacks, the FBI has been criticized for not having enough employees fluent in foreign languages and for not moving fast enough to upgrade its computer system.
FBI Assistant Director John Raucci of the Human Resources division said the federal law enforcement agency is seeking to bring more people on board with skills in critical areas, especially language fluency and computer science.
"We're also looking for professionals in a wide variety of fields who have a deep desire to help protect our nation from terrorists, spies, and others who wish us harm," Raucci said.
He said the FBI, which has been investigating corporate wrongdoing in connection with the current financial crisis, also needs finance and accounting experts, along with those skilled in physical surveillance and various other employees.
The hiring initiative for FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., and for its field offices would replace departed staff and add some employees, officials said.

Motorola is finely going green said...

Motorola unveils mobile phone made from recycled water bottles....

LAS VEGAS NV – Motorola, seeking to capitalize on the trend towards more environmentally friendly products, has unveiled the first mobile phone made from recycled water bottles.
The MOTO W233 Renew was previewed at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opening in Las Vegas on Thursday and featuring more than 2,700 exhibitors of high-tech gadgetry from around the world.
"Not only is the plastic housing of Renew made from plastics comprised of recycled water bottles and 100 percent recyclable, but it is also the world's first carbon neutral phone," Motorola said.
Motorola enjoyed considerable success in 2005 with its Razr phone but has been losing ground since then to other major cell phone makers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple and Blackberry maker Research in Motion.
Through an alliance with Carbonfund.org, Motorola said it "offsets the carbon dioxide required to manufacture, distribute and operate the phone through investments in renewable energy sources and reforestation."
"Today, natural resources, energy and time are more precious than ever before," said Jeremy Dale, corporate vice president for Motorola Mobile Devices.
"We wanted to ensure that this device makes the right impact with consumers and the environment," he said.
Motorola said the "greening" of the new phone applies also to the packaging. "The box and all of the materials inside are printed on 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper," the company said.
"In addition, a postage-paid recycling envelope in box makes it easy to return your previous mobile phone for recycling at no cost," Motorola added.
The Schaumburg, Illinois-based Motorola said the Renew will be available through T-Mobile USA in the first quarter of the year.

about time said...

Continental becomes the first U.S. airline to fly on biofuel.

The Re-Poster Guy said...

Woman suspected of witchcraft burned alive:

A woman in rural Papua New Guinea was bound and gagged, tied to a log and set ablaze on a pile of tires this week, possibly because villagers suspected her of being a witch, police said Thursday.
Her death adds to a growing list of men and women who have been accused of sorcery and then tortured or killed in the South Pacific island nation, where traditional beliefs hold sway in many regions.
The victims are often scapegoats for someone else's unexplained death and bands of tribesmen collude to mete out justice to them for their supposed magical powers, police said.
"We have had quite difficulties in a number of previous incidents convincing people to come forward with information," said Simon Kauba, assistant commissioner of police and commander of the Highlands region, where the killing occurred.
"We are trying to persuade them to help. Somebody lost their mother or daughter or sister Tuesday morning."
Early Tuesday morning, a group of people dragged the woman, believed to be in her late teens to early 20s, to a dumping ground outside the city of Mount Hagen. They stripped her naked, bound her hands and legs, stuffed a cloth in her mouth, tied her to a log and set her on fire, Mauba said.
"When the people living nearby went to the dump site to investigate what caused the fire, they found a human being burning in the flames," he said. "It was ugly."
The country's Post-Courier newspaper reported Thursday that more than 50 people were killed in two Highlands provinces last year for allegedly practicing sorcery.
In a well-publicized case last year, a pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl while struggling to free herself from a tree. Villagers had dragged the woman from her house and hung her from the tree, accusing her of sorcery after her neighbor suddenly died.
She and the baby survived, according to media reports.
Killings of witches, or sangumas, is not a new phenomenon in rural areas of the country.
Emory University anthropology Professor Bruce Knauft, who lived in a village in the western province of Papua New Guinea in the early 1980s, traced family histories for 42 years and found that 1 in 3 adult deaths were homicides "the bulk of these being collective killings of suspected sorcerers," he wrote in his book, From Primitive to Postcolonial in Melanesia and Anthropology.
In recent years, as AIDS has taken a toll in the nation of 6.7 million people, villagers have blamed suspected witches and not the virus for the deaths.
According to the United Nations, Papua New Guinea accounts for 90 percent of the Pacific region's HIV cases and is one of four Asia-Pacific countries with an epidemic.
"We've had a number of cases where people were killed because they were accused of spreading HIV or AIDS," Mauba said.
While there is plenty of speculation why Tuesday's victim was killed, police said they are focused more on who committed the crime.
"If it is phobias about alleged HIV/AIDS or claims of a sexual affair, we must urge the police and judiciary to throw the book at the offenders," the Post-Courier wrote in an editorial.
"There are remedies far, far better than to torture and immolate a young woman before she can be judged by a lawful system."

know your voting rights said...

Congress to make it official: Obama's the president-elect

WASHINGTON DC — Barack Obama will officially become the president-elect today when Congress meets in a joint session to tally the ballots from the Electoral College, which convened last month in every state and the District of Columbia.
No surprises are expected at the gathering, which is mandated by Amendment XII of the Constitution. Obama won the November general election with 365 electoral votes, compared to 173 for McCain, and all 538 electors cast their ballots accordingly when the Electoral College met on December 15.
Federal law normally requires Congress to count the Electoral College ballots on January 6, but this year, that date conflicted with the swearing-in ceremonies for the new Congress. Lawmakers passed a measure last October to change the date to January 8 for 2009 only.
Members of the newly sworn-in 111th Congress will conduct the vote counting. Vice President Dick Cheney is responsible for presiding over the session, though if he does not, the duty falls to the Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Byrd. The session will be held in the chamber of the House of Representatives.
Each state recorded its electoral vote totals on six different copies of documents called the “Certificates of Vote” and “Certificates of Ascertainment.” The copies were then sent to the United States Senate, the National Archives, and the Federal Register.

lets start said...



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proof the UN is run by Arabs and their oil money said...

UN rights chief wants investigation of Gaza abuses

cross dressers be advised said...

what an ad on the FREE section of CL (craigslist) in Phoenix Arizona.....

3X clothing and 42C bras
there are 2 short outfits and a couple more pieces of clothing in there for summer. There are 3 bras in there, good condition. Two are black and one is tan.There is also a posture support in there that is to be worn with a bra. Please let me know when you can be here and I will send the address. I have no pics of them and will not hold them. I need them gone ASAP! Thanks

in the poor house said...

Obama inauguration:
Just heard on Fox News Network: Obama inaugaration will cost total of $50 million, $10 million of that from TAXPAYERS.
This to put a man into an office he is not qualified to hold.
He wants a huge economic stimulus plan to help America. Take the $50 million and put it into the plan. Forego the media circus of an inauguration and have a simple swearing-in ceremony somewhere like the Rose Garden of the White House or even better, the crime-ridden streets of Illinois.
So much for an auspicious start in todays economy.

this was just emailed 2 me said...

Only the Strong...

'Am I the only guy in this country who's fed up with what's happening? Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder! We've got a gang of clueless bozos steering our ship of state right over a cliff, we've got corporate gangsters stealing us blind, and we can't even clean up after a hurricane much less build a hybrid car. But instead of getting mad, everyone sits around and nods their heads when the politicians say, 'Stay the course.'

Stay the course? You've got to be kidding. This is America, not the damned, 'Titanic'. I'll give you a sound bite: 'Throw all the bums out!'

You might think I'm getting senile, that I've gone off my rocker, and maybe I have. But someone has to speak up. I hardly recognize this country anymore.

The most famous business leaders are not the innovators but the guys in handcuffs. While we're fiddling in Iraq , the Middle East is burning and nobody seems to know what to do. And the press is waving 'pom-poms' instead of asking hard questions. That's not the promise of the 'America' my parents and yours traveled across the ocean for. I've had enough. How about you?

I'll go a step further. You can't call yourself a patriot if you're not outraged. This is a fight I'm ready and willing to have. The Biggest 'C' is Crisis! (Iacocca elaborates on nine C's of leadership, with crisis being the first.)

Leaders are made, not born. Leadership is forged in times of crisis. It's easy to sit there with your feet up on the desk and talk theory. Or send someone else's kids off to war when you've never seen a battlefield yourself. It's another thing to lead when your world comes tumbling down.

On September 11, 2001, we needed a strong leader more than any other time in our history. We needed a steady hand to guide us out of the ashes. A hell of a mess, so here's where we stand.

We're immersed in a bloody war with no plan for winning and no plan for leaving.

We're running the biggest deficit in the history of the country.

We're losing the manufacturing edge to Asia , while our once-great companies are getting slaughtered by health care costs.

Gas prices are skyrocketing, and nobody in power has a coherent energy policy. Our schools are in trouble.

Our borders are like sieves.

The middle class is being squeezed every which way.

These are times that cry out for leadership.

But when you look around, you've got to ask: 'Where have all the leaders gone?' Where are the curious, creative communicators? Where are the people of character, courage, conviction, omnipotence, and common sense? I may be a sucker for alliteration, but I think you get the point.

Name me a leader who has a better idea for homeland security than making us take off our shoes in airports and throw away our shampoo?

We've spent billions of dollars building a huge new bureaucracy, and all we know how to do is react to things that have already happened.

Name me one leader who emerged from the crisis of Hurricane Katrina. Congress has yet to spend a single day evaluating the response to the hurricane or demanding accountability for the decisions that were made in the crucial hours after the storm.

Everyone's hunkering down, fingers crossed, hoping it doesn't happen again. Now, that's just crazy. Storms happen. Deal with it. Make a plan. Figure out what you're going to do the next time.

Name me an industry leader who is thinking creatively about how we can restore our competitive edge in manufacturing. Who would have believed that there could ever be a time when 'The Big Three' referred to Japanese car companies? How did this happen, and more important, what are we going to do about it?

Name me a government leader who can articulate a plan for paying down the debit, or solving the energy crisis, or managing the health care problem. The silence is deafening. But these are the crises that are eating away at our country and milking the middle class dry.

I have news for the gang in Congress. We didn't elect you to sit on your asses and do nothing and remain silent while our democracy is being hijacked and our greatness is being replaced with mediocrity. What is everybody so afraid of? That some bonehead on Fox News will call them a name? Give me a break. Why don't you guys show some spine for a change?

Had Enough? Hey, I'm not trying to be the voice of gloom and doom here. I'm trying to light a fire. I'm speaking out because I have hope - I believe in America . In my lifetime, I've had the privilege of living through some of America 's greatest moments. I've also experienced some of our worst crises: The 'Great Depression,' 'World War II,' the 'Korean War,' the 'Kennedy Assassination,' the 'Vietnam War,' the 1970's oil crisis, and the struggles of recent years culminating with 9/11.

If I've learned one thing, it's this: 'You don't get anywhere by standing on the sidelines waiting for somebody else to take action. Whether it's building a better car or building a better future for our children, we all have a role to play. That's the challenge I'm raising in this book. It's a "Call to Action" for people who, like me, believe in America '. It's not too late, but it's getting pretty close. So let's shake off the crap and go to work. Let's tell 'em all we've had 'enough.'

Make your own contribution by sending this to everyone you know and care about. It's our country, folks, and it's our future. Our future is at stake!!!

Police seek blow-up doll sex bandit said...

SYDNEY – An Australian man broke into three adult shops, had sex with blow up dolls named "Jungle Jane" and then dumped his plastic conquests in a nearby alley, local media reported Wednesday.
"It's totally bizarre. It's a real concern that someone like that is out on the street," said one of the owners of the adult sex shops in Cairns in northern Queensland state.
"He has been taking the dolls out the back and blowing them up and using the dolls and leaving them in the alley," the owner, who gave the name of Vogue, told the Cairns Post newspaper.
Police told the Cairns Post that scientific officers had taken DNA samples, fingerprints and pictures of the crime scene.

Those Damn Mexicans said...

Dear Angry White People:

I am white. I speak Spanish. I was raised poor, around mostly first-generation Mexican-American families. My mom hates Mexicans. But frankly, I don't get it.

Yeah, there are some rotten little thugs out there destroying people's property, disrespecting their neighbors, and generally not caring about anyone but themselves. That's true. There are black kids and latino kids -- AND WHITE KIDS -- who all fit that description. Tell me you have never seen trailer trash, white trash, or whatever other terminology there is out there. I have -- I'm related to a lot of them. And they're just as rude, rowdy, and out-of-control as their darker-skinned counterparts.

But you probably attribute their bad behavior to bad parenting on the part of their individual parents. They do not, in your mind, represent an entire race or cultural group. Why? Because you belong to that cultural group, and surely that doesn't apply to you; you know that there are more good, well-mannered, hard-working white people than white trash. They are your friends, neighbors, and relatives, and they are also your cousins who never get invited to family gatherings because they can't behave like civilized human beings. They're not "them". They look like you, come from the same gene pool, and so you are forced to attribute their outrageous behavior to something other than genetics or overall cultural failing.

So. Why can't you -- or my mom -- see the flip side of that argument, then? If white people who misbehave aren't anonymous, interchangeable metaphors for an entire race of people, then how is it that hispanic people who misbehave come to represent what is wrong with an entire culture?

Because, frankly, you're wrong. I live in South Phoenix. I am one of two white homeowners in the neighborhood. Everyone else is hispanic. The neighbors to my left are quiet, decent, hardworking Mexican immigrants (citizens now) whose children are well-behaved, for the most part. Across the street are three houses, side by side, full of four generations of family members from Mexico. Some are citizens, some are legal residents. Again, quiet, hard-working, well-behaved children. I don't really know most of my neighbors down the block, but the fact that I have no complaints speaks for their neighborliness. My neighborhood is clean and quiet, except for the occasional birthday party (once every couple months or so). But the mess is always clean in the morning. On my right is a couple who fights too much and whose teenage son is a gangster-in-training. They are Mexican, too.

So -- a street full of nice, respectable people, and one troubled family. I see a pattern, but it's not the one you are ranting about. The pattern I see is a large group of people, diverse in demeanor and habits, being tied together by the artificial bonding of race and national origin, being collectively viewed through the biased lens of their least common denominator, and treated accordingly.

It's simply not 'true' that Mexicans are this way or that way, it's true that you prefer to see it that way, because then you feel justified for being a bigot. As for the 'our way of life is being threatened' argument, speak for yourself. I'm white, my family has been here since the potato famine in Ireland, and my 'way of life' almost certainly does not resemble yours. If I had to guess.

When it comes right down to it, I think what bothers you is that my neighbors are not white. My kids probably won't be white, my sister's kids aren't white (their dad is black, not latino), we are not carrying on the tradition of whiteness that makes you comfortable. Yes, latinos are growing in numbers, especially in the southern states, for various reasons (mostly having to do with beliefs about birth control, not, as you imply, the intellectual inability to use it). And that scares the shit out of you; you are worried, like the husband who cheats on his wife and therefore assumes she is cheating on him, that the former minorities will remember how the former majority treated them when they come into enough power to do something about it.

It's a good thing I speak Spanish without an accent and have learned to 'pass' as a Mexican, because you may be right to be scared. And I wouldn't blame them one bit.

La Bolilla

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flagstaff arizona democrat said...

Are their ANY republicants who are not gay and who are not pissing in their diapers because the DEMOCRATS CONTROL THE WORLD?

Fuck you pussies do nothing but cry all day long, and you always are the same ones who post all the gay shit, what a bunch a republifags.

fuck you democrats said...

The total cost to inaugurate Barack Hussein Obama will be 50 million dollars. 10 million dollars of that is TAXPAYER money that is approved by Congress.

I thought we were in a RECESSION?
This seems worse than the multi-million dollar bonuses that were paid to the CEO's that were fired!!

How about a simple ceremony somewhere like the crime-ridden ghetto streets of Chicago?

first liberal complaint said...


Obama is the worst President-Elect ever! Since the election the Russians invaded Georgia. He started the war in Gaza and incited the riots in Oakland. He gave away trillions of dollars to bail out Wall street and over a million people have lost their jobs. Some nuts may say its all Bush`s fault but every one knows that power of the President-Elect Office is more powerful than the office of the real president.

a message to Obama.... said...


Open letter to my mother-in-law said...

Dear M.I.L.

Do we need to have a talk about where babies come from? Because you keep calling mine "your" baby.
As in, "How is MY baby." Now, I am pretty sure you neither carried him for 9 months nor delivered him, and I am POSITIVE that you had no part in conceiving him... so I'm pretty sure he is not "your" baby.

We may need to have a little review of the baby-making process for you.

Further, every single time you ask about "your" baby, I am going to say, "Oh, my husband is right here, would you like to speak with him?"
Then I will be forced to listen to you stammer... "Oh, no, I meant the baby." Then I will say, "Oh, you mean MY baby, YOUR GRANDSON."
I guarantee you this conversation will happen every. single time. So, lets move past this, shall we?

Now that we have established that he is MY baby, NO he will not be... eating soild foods, drinking water, moving into his own room, flying by himself 1/2 way across the country to come stay with you and your trained attack dogs.
Please stop asking.

Also, please stop sighing pathetically that you never get to see the baby and asking how often my parents see him. It is not a contest.

With Love,

Your disgruntled D.I.L.

The Re-Poster Guy said...

Bush reportedly rejected Israeli plea to raid Iran

WASHINGTON DC – President George W. Bush rejected a plea from Israel last year to help it raid Iran's main nuclear complex, opting instead to authorize a new U.S. covert action aimed at sabotaging Iran's suspected nuclear weapons program, The New York Times reported.
Israel's request was for specialized bunker-busting bombs that it wanted for an attack that tentatively involved flying over Iraq to reach Iran's major nuclear complex at Natanz, where the country's only known uranium enrichment plant is located, the Times reported Saturday in its online edition. The White House deflected requests for the bombs and flyover but said it would improve intelligence-sharing with Israel on covert U.S. efforts to sabotage Iran's nuclear program.
The covert efforts, which began in early 2008, involved plans to penetrate Iran's nuclear supply chain abroad and undermine electrical systems and other networks on which Iran relies, the Times said, citing interviews with current and former U.S. officials, outside experts and international nuclear inspectors who spoke on condition of anonymity. The covert program will be handed off to President-elect Barack Obama, who will deciding whether to continue it.
According to the Times, Bush decided against an overt attack based on input from top administration officials such as Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who believed that doing so would likely prove ineffective and could ignite a broader Middle East war.
Israel made the push for permission to fly over Iraq for an attack on Iran following its anger over a U.S. intelligence assessment in late 2007 that concluded Iran had effectively suspended its development of nuclear weapons four years earlier. Israel sought to rebut the report, providing evidence to U.S. intelligence officials that they said indicated the Iranians were still working on a weapon.
Gordon Johndroe, spokesman for the National Security Council, declined to comment Saturday.
In an interview with The Associated Press earlier this week, Stephen Hadley, Bush's national security adviser, said he believed that Iran is the biggest challenge Obama will face in the Middle East and that more sanctions will be needed to force Tehran to forgo its nuclear ambitions and support for extremists. He said the Bush administration has been trying to "shore up and store up leverage" to bequeath to the Obama administration.
Last month, Obama suggested that a combination of economic incentives and tighter sanctions might work. Tehran rejected the proposal. Obama also has said he would pursue tough-minded diplomacy.

Bad Barbie said...

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new flash said...


Hustler magazine states that Obama has the biggest penis among all U.S. Presidents; he packs a 10.2" rod, Abraham had a 9.4, Truman had a 9.2 with 4 in thick, Eisenhower had a 8.7, FDR and Nixon both carried 8.5's. Georgie Bush Sr. has a 7" tool while Bill Clinton's was a 8.1 believe it or not the smallest were Teddy Rosevelts with a 5.4 and JFK with a 6.7"

Phoenix AZ said...

Janet Napolanito

Just like a tyopical democrat, put us in such a great debt and then run.

The bitch could not secure her own borders and now she is head of all US borders.

Seems the more stupid one becomes, the hjigher they get promoted!!

May God Help Us!!!

ha,ha,ha,ha said...

Good morning world.......

wake up, take a pee, have some coffee, eat a beagle, and get your lazy ass to work...
I am on welfare and need your money!

Consumer Food Watch said...

20 Worst Foods in America, 2009....

Can an appetizer with the caloric equivalent of 13 Krispy Kreme doughnuts be justified? No. The 2,710-calorie Awesome Blossom has been purged from Chili's menu maybe the fat-drenched appetizer couldn't withstand the scrutiny of being named to the Eat This, Not That! list of the Worst Foods in America last year. No matter the reason, we applaud this waist-expanding starter's retirement.

The deep-fried onion wasn't the only thing to withdraw from last year's race more than 10 other items from 2008's lineup have been removed from menus (or mysteriously had their calorie counts lowered). That's a step in the right direction, and it's good news for your waistline.

The bad news? There are plenty of frightening foods still at large across the country. After another year of menu investigation, we’ve come up with this year's list of the most calorie laden, fat riddled, sodium swaddled, sugar spiked dishes in America. Eat at your own risk.

Worst "Healthy" Sandwich
Blimpie Veggie Supreme (12")
1,106 calories
56 g fat (33 g saturated fat)
2,831 mg sodium
96 g carbohydrates

Sure, a Veggie Supreme sandwich sounds healthy, but this foot-long comes with three different kinds of cheese, and it’s drenched in oil. After Blimpie gets done with this vegetarian nightmare, you’d be better off consuming two Big Macs than sitting down with this sandwich.

Don't be fooled by "healthy" foods replace these 14 imposters with delicious alternatives that satisfy without expanding your waistline.

Worst Kids' Meal
Chili’s Pepper Pals Country-Fried Chicken Crispers with Ranch Dressing and Homestyle Fries
1,110 calories
82 g fat (15 g saturated)
1,980 mg sodium
56 g carbohydrates

Most kids, if given the choice, would live on chicken fingers for the duration of their adolescent lives. If those chicken fingers happened to come from Chili’s, it might be a shorter one. A moderately active 8-year-old boy should eat around 1,600 calories a day. This single meal plows through 75 percent of that allotment. So unless he plans to eat carrots and celery sticks for the rest of the day (and we know he doesn’t), find a healthier chicken alternative.

The FBI should investigate this judge said...

Judge rules Madoff can remain free on bail

NEW YORK NY – Bernard Madoff won the latest round in his fight with prosecutors over his bail package Wednesday as a judge ruled he can remain free, brushing aside arguments by the government that the money manager needs to be in jail because he cannot be trusted.
The judge ruled prosecutors did not make a compelling argument that Madoff is a danger to the community or a flight risk the two considerations in deciding whether to grant bail.
Authorities say Madoff has said he ran a $50 billion Ponzi scheme, paying investors with money raised from new clients.
Madoff did not speak or show any emotion during the hearing, although he privately conferred with his lawyers on a couple occasions. He left the courthouse and returned to his $7 million Upper East Side penthouse, where he has been under house arrest and under the watch of armed guards around the clock. His outgoing mail is also being searched to ensure he doesn't try to pass along any assets that could be used to reimburse burned investors.
Defense lawyer Ira Sorkin told the judge that such extreme restrictions make it "close to impossible to dispose of anything valuable."

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Los Angeles City Worker said...

I just had a nooner,
It was great.
She suck it dry.
Back to city hall.

San Diego said...

re, nooner

I just had a personal nooner, it called self love.
Now I am relaxed and can go back to installing all those high speed internet lines at your homes.

I wouldn't shake my hand if I were you!

Tempe AZ said...

Another stupid ad on craigslist in Phoenix Arizona

A pair of coyotes have come to visit our South Tempe Neighborhood. No rehoming fee. Just capture and they are yours.

blondes said...

Q: What do you call a smart Blonde?

A: A Golden Retriever

Consume Warning: Food Recall said...

Kellogg's recalls more peanut butter products

WASHINGTON DC – What began as an investigation of bulk peanut butter shipped to nursing homes and institutional cafeterias has broadened with the Kellogg Co. recalling 16 products and federal officials confirming salmonella contamination at a Georgia facility that ships peanut products to 85 food companies
Kellogg had asked stores earlier this week to pull some of its venerable Keebler crackers from shelves as a precaution. But in a statement late Friday the Battle Creek, Mich., company announced it was voluntarily recalling the crackers and other products in light of the problems in Georgia.
The nationwide salmonella outbreak has sickened hundreds of people in 43 states and killed at least six.
"The actions we are taking today are in keeping with our more than 100-year commitment to providing consumers with safe, high-quality products," said David Mackay, Kellogg's president and CEO. "We apologize for this unfortunate situation."
The recall includes Austin and Keebler branded Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers, as well as some snack-size packs of Famous Amos Peanut Butter Cookies and Keebler Soft Batch Homestyle Peanut Butter Cookies.
Sandra Williams, a compliance officer with the Food and Drug Administration in Detroit, advised consumers not to eat the products and to contact a doctor if they have any symptoms. She also urged careful disposal of the tainted products to avoid the risk of homeless people finding and eating them.
"Kellogg reacted promptly to this potential public health risk after receiving notification of the potential problem from their supplier," Williams said.
On Capitol Hill, the House Energy and Commerce Committee requested records as it opened its own inquiry.
Although the investigation has gone into high gear, FDA officials say much of their information remains sketchy. And new cases are still being reported.
"This is a very active investigation, but we don't yet have the data to provide consumers with specifics about what brands or products they should avoid," said Stephen Sundlof, director of the FDA's food safety center. Although salmonella bacteria has been found at the Georgia plant, for example, more tests are needed to see if it matches the strain that has made people sick.
The investigation includes not just peanut butter, but baked goods and other products that contain peanuts and are sold directly to consumers. Health officials say as many as one-third of the people who got sick did not recall eating peanut butter.
"The focus is on peanut butter and a wide array of products that might have peanut butter in them," said Dr. Robert Tauxe, director of the foodborne illness division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Officials said they are focusing on peanut paste, as well as peanut butter, produced at a Blakely, Ga., facility owned by Peanut Corp. of America. The concern about peanut paste is significant because it can be used in dozens of products, from baked goods to cooking sauces.
Federal officials said they are focusing on 32 of the 85 companies that Peanut Corp. supplies, because of the time period in which they received shipments of peanut butter or paste. The companies are being urged to test their products, or pull them from the shelves as Kellogg did.
The government is also scrutinizing a grower, raising the possibility that contamination could have occurred before peanuts reached the processing plant, which passed its last inspection by the Georgia agriculture this summer.
Peanut Corp. has recalled 21 lots of peanut butter made at the plant since July 1 because of possible salmonella contamination. The company, which suspended peanut butter processing at the facility, said none of its peanut butter is sold directly to consumers but is distributed to institutions, food service industries and private label food companies.
But Kellogg Co., which gets some peanut paste from the Blakely facility, asked stores late Wednesday to stop selling some of its Keebler and Austin peanut butter sandwich crackers. The company said it hasn't received any reports of illnesses.
Peanut Corp. said it is cooperating with federal and state authorities. On Friday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote the company requesting inspection and internal records dating back four years.
Health officials in Minnesota and Virginia have linked two deaths each to the outbreak and Idaho and North Carolina have reported one. Four of those five were elderly people, and all had salmonella when they died, though their exact causes of death haven't been determined. But the CDC said the salmonella may have contributed.
The CDC said the bacteria behind the outbreak typhimurium is common and not an unusually dangerous strain but that the elderly or those with weakened immune systems are more at risk.
The salmonella outbreak is the second in two years involving peanut butter. Salmonella is the nation's leading cause of food poisoning; common symptoms include diarrhea, fever and abdominal cramps.

The Re-Poster Guy said...

8 in 10 corporations have tax havens....

WASHINGTON DC – Eighty-three of the nation's 100 largest corporations, including Citigroup, Bank of America and News Corp., had subsidiaries in offshore tax havens in 2007, and some of the companies received federal bailout funding, a government watchdog said Friday.
The Government Accountability Office released a report that said Bank of America Inc., Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley all had more than 100 units in countries that maintain low or no taxes. The three financial institutions were included in the $700 billion financial bailout approved by Congress.
Insurance giant American International Group Inc., which has received about $150 billion in bailout money, had 18 subsidiaries. JPMorgan Chase & Co. had 50 units and Wells Fargo & Co. had 18; both financial institutions received government bailout money.
Sens. Carl Levin, D-Mich., and Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., who requested the report, have pushed for tougher laws to fight offshore tax havens around the globe. Levin, who leads the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, has estimated abusive tax havens and offshore accounts cost the U.S. government at least $100 billion a year in lost taxes.
"I think we should take action to shut down these tax dodgers and we will be introducing legislation to do just that," Dorgan said.
General Motors Corp., which received $13.4 billion from the federal rescue package, had 11 offshore subsidiaries while GM's financing arm, GMAC LLC, had two offshore units. GMAC, whose majority owner is private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management LP, received $5 billion from the Treasury Department in late December.
Citigroup said in a statement that it has more than 4,000 subsidiaries around the globe "which enables us to serve hundreds of millions of individuals and institutions in more than 100 countries." A News Corp. spokeswoman declined comment. Messages were left with several of the companies identified in the report.
Separately, the GAO said 63 of the 100 largest federal contractors maintain subsidiaries in 50 tax havens.
Levin noted that many competitors use the tax havens to varying degrees. PepsiCo Inc. has 70 subsidiaries while the Coca-Cola Co. has eight units. Caterpillar Inc. had 49 while Deere & Co. had three.
"We need to put an end to the use of offshore secrecy jurisdictions as tax havens," Levin said.
The GAO said the subsidiaries could be established in the countries "for a variety of nontax business reasons" and said having a business unit in one of the countries "does not signify that a corporation or federal contractor established that subsidiary for the purpose of reducing its tax burden."
Citigroup had 427 units in 23 countries, including 91 subsidiaries in Luxembourg and 90 in the Cayman Islands. Morgan Stanley had 273 units, News Corp. had 152 and Bank of America had 115. Procter & Gamble Co. had 83 subsidiaries and Pfizer Inc. had 80 in the jurisdictions.
Several major corporations have announced plans to leave Bermuda, a leading offshore business center, amid the global financial crisis and fears of tighter tax rules. Tyco Electronics Ltd., which makes electronic components, and Foster Wheeler Ltd., an engineering and construction company, are reincorporating in Switzerland which has a tax treaty with the U.S. for tax and other reasons. Covidien Ltd., a health care products company, is heading to Ireland.

The Re-Poster Guy said...

The Secret Reasons for Tuition Hikes

Why has college tuition been rising so high and fast? Will college costs ever drop back to more affordable levels?
Those questions have been frustrating parents and students for years. A new report provides some surprising answers that will, unfortunately, probably only frustrate and anger them even more. At public colleges, tuition has generally been driven up by rising spending on administrators, student support services, and the need to make up for reductions in government subsidies, according to a report issued by the Delta Cost Project, a nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.
In some cases, such as at community colleges (which educate about half of the nation's college students), tuition has risen while spending on classroom instruction has actually fallen. At public colleges especially, the current economic troubles will likely only accelerate the trend of rising prices and classroom cutbacks, says Jane Wellman, the author of the report. After analyzing income and spending statistics that nearly 2,000 colleges reported to the federal government, Wellman concludes: "Students are paying more and, arguably, getting less in the classroom." (Watch video)
Among the more surprising findings:
--The main reason tuition has been rising faster than college costs is that colleges had to make up for reductions in the per-student subsidy state taxpayers sent colleges. In 2006, the last year for which Wellman had data, state taxpayers sent $7,078 per student to the big public research universities. That's $1,270 less (after accounting for inflation) than they sent in 2002.
--Public universities have been reining in overall spending per student in recent years. Flagship public universities' spending per student has risen from about $12,400 in 1995 to $13,800 in 2006 after accounting for inflation. But since 2002, spending at public colleges has generally not exceeded inflation.
--Increases in spending were driven mostly by higher administration, maintenance, and student services costs. Public universities spent almost $4,000 per student per year on administration, support, and maintenance in 2006, up more than 13 percent, in real terms over 1995. And they spent another $1,200 a year on services such as counseling, which was up 23 percent. Meanwhile, they spent about $8,700 a year on classroom instruction for each student, up about 9 percent.
--Big private universities, powered by tuition and endowment increases, have increased spending dramatically while public schools have languished. Total educational spending per student at private research universities has jumped by almost 10 percent since 2002 to more than $33,000. During that same period, public university total spending was comparatively flat and totaled less than $14,000 a year.
That growing gap between rich schools and poor schools worries observers like Wellman. The cost of attending a public university, even after subtracting out aid and inflation, rose more than 15 percent in the last five years, according to the College Board. But almost all of the recent price increases at public universities are "backfilling for cuts in state funds," Wellman says.
Some college presidents say the report shows they haven't been raising prices irresponsibly.
"Virginia Tech" explained David Hodge, president of Miami University of Ohio. "Everybody expects us to do a lot more security. Students are coming with more physical disabilities and emotional needs. There are greater expectations for career services," he says. And that kind of administrative and support spending "is a really good investment. It helps the students."
In addition, public schools tend to serve many low-income students and minority students who need more remedial classes and extra counseling services than better-prepared students who attend elite private universities, says F. King Alexander, president of California State University Long Beach.
One of the reasons that Duke University costs about $51,000 a year is that the elite schools are in a bidding war for top faculty and better services for students, says college spokesman Michael Schoenfeld. In addition, competition for the best students forces schools to offer bigger and bigger scholarships, which means few students actually pay the full sticker price, he notes. Duke's record-breaking flood of applications for the next academic year shows there's still plenty of demand for what private universities offer, he says.
But as more and more states facing budget crises consider further subsidy cuts and tuition hikes for public schools, parents and students are increasingly objecting to price increases for any reason. "Enough is enough," says James Boyle, president of the College Parents of America. A tsunami of applications at lower cost schools such as the California State University campuses shows that students and parents are voting with their feet. "The changing market for higher ed will cause colleges to hold down their expenses and state legislators to increase their subsidies," Boyle predicts.

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Mexican Dictionary -

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Lluis Colet breaks the world record for the longest speech by talking nonstop for 124 hours.

typical obama supporter said...

the economy sucks!
Can anyone help my friend?

My friend and I both lost our jobs thanks to Bush and the light rail.

I'll do o.k. since unemployment kicks in. However my friend (a kewl waitress) is suffering. She was getting breast enlargements, but could only afford one at a time. So she got one in Oct., but then the holidays came around and didn't have the cash for the other. Now that we have no steady job, she's pretty much SOL for a while. Her Doctor also closed shop, so I was hoping someone out there might be kind enough to finance the second procedure, or know of another surgeon that will do a layaway type of plan?

Obama takes over soon, but it could take a while for free medical to kick in, so any help now would be appreciated.

a muslim said...

An open letter to society...

I hate you all.

a plan said...

Saudi Arabia pledges $1 billion to help rebuild the Gaza Strip.

Ah how to bankrupt the Saudis, simple let them spend their money then have Israel go blow it up again.

a true story said...

I'm going tell you a little story.
When I
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One morning the dog got out of the yard and Jim was up and down the street yelling ......
To this day I still think it was funny as hell.
Can you imagine, naming a black lab "NIGGER?"

I Gots 2 Know said...

re, a true story

When the Lab had pups, did he name the first male Barack?

be advised said...

Obama and his cabinet of criminals and idiots.....

Bill Richardson: Pulled out of contention because of Pay for Play scandal.

Leon Panetta: No experience whatsoever in intelligence.
Director of CIA.

Eric Holder: Tax Evasion. He "forgot".

Hillary Clinton: Accepts donations from our enemies.
Hillary Care.

Rahm Emmanuel: Never spoke to Gov. Blago. Ever.......
OK, once. OK 25 times. "DEAD! DEAD!" to quote. Great dinner speech.
Rahm Emanuel is a hypocrite:
He was aware of Mark Foley’s sexual solicitation of minors a year before the story broke, did nothing, told nobody and misled the public about his own knowledge.

Janet Napolitano: Let the illegals kill hundreds of AZ citizens and left the biggest budget deficit in the history of Az.

Lorraine Henderson: A top Homeland Security official in Boston was accused Friday of repeatedly hiring illegal immigrants to clean her home, even warning one not to leave the country "'cause once you leave, you will never be back."

You liberals are the biggest bunch of fools on the planet. Hitler's followers were the same way. Blind devotion in the face of facts. You have already anointed Obama a success without him doing one single thing. Unless you count declaring the "Office of the President Elect", complete with his own seal.
What an arrogant prick.

When the shooting starts, I will happily kill the lot of you without shedding a tear. You have no understanding of liberty or freedom. Time for a
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here's some truth said...

Through Barack Obama’s first year in office, the U.S. is at “high risk” of a terrorist attack, David Trulio, the former executive secretary of the White House’s Homeland Security Council, tells Newsmax.

In a wide-ranging interview about national security challenges Obama will face as president, Trulio warns, “Right now, this post-election, pre-inauguration period constitutes a period of high risk of attack, as does Inauguration Day and the first year of President Obama’s term.

"Terrorists may very well view America’s transition to a new administration as a chance to embarrass us, to test us, to weaken us, and to try to change the course of our policies.”

Chinese Government Declares UFO's Real said...

A remarkable UFO was seen and filmed in China by an entire squadron of fire-fighters in Liu Pan Shui City in the province of Guizhou through a camera with a 700X zoom capability. One of the fire-fighters, Wang Jia Wei, noticed an odd looking, brightly flashing star moving in a south easterly direction and went inside the fire-fighters barracks to get a camera.

Luckily for Wang he was able to find a Panasonic camera used by his comrades to record damage caused by fires that allowed him to zoom in on the mysterious object seven hundred times. At that point Wang could see that the object was in fact two rotating spinning top shaped crafts or halves of a whole craft joined at a their bases. They were flashing a multitude of colours: Purple, red, blue, orange, white and gold.

Wang then called his eight fellow fire-fighters out and they observed the slow moving craft for almost an hour until the craft suddenly vanished.
20 minutes of footage was recorded and have been showed to Chinese reporters. The firemen approached the Liu Pan Shiu meteorological bureau two days after the sighting to seek some answers. Surprised staff members working for the bureau were shown the footage but were unable to identify what the object might be, declaring that it is indeed a UFO. There has been no suggestion that the fire-fighters faked the sighting and this not believed to be the case by any involved parties, the footage has been handed to government astronomical departments for further analysis.

The photo below is a verified still from the footage that our source has sent us. We believe a film should soon be available for veiwing and will post a link as soon as this occurs. The UFO corresponds to the craft often described in sightings around the word as a ‘diamond UFO’. These craft are usually seen at great heights and almost never seen on earth itself. This has lead some to believe they are highly evolved technology well beyond your ‘standard’ saucer and might be used to travel from other civilized planets rather merely used to explore planets like earth after exiting a more substantial mother ship.

The incident has received wide coverage by mainstream media in China, although it has received no publicity in the west as far as we know. Hardly surprising, as this is a credible and compelling incident of the type Western Governments would rather people not know about. The Chinese Government, however, is known to take a more open minded approach to UFOs and generally regards them as fact.

Proof How Stupid Muslims Are said...

LAGOS, Nigeria – One of Nigeria's biggest daily newspapers reported that police implicated a goat in an attempted automobile theft. In a front-page article on Friday, the Vanguard newspaper said that two men tried to steal a Mazda car two days earlier in Kwara State, with one suspect transforming himself into a goat as vigilantes cornered him.
The paper quoted police spokesman Tunde Mohammed as saying that while one suspect escaped, the other transformed into a goat as he was about to be apprehended.
The newspaper reported that police paraded the goat before journalists, and published a picture of the animal.
Police in the state couldn't immediately be reached for comment.
Belief in black magic is widespread in Nigeria, particularly in far-flung rural areas.

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Do want America to go GREEN?

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todayconsumer health tip said...

Worrying about calories seems silly after you've consented to a French fry grease-fest, but sometimes you can't help it. During one such conflicted experience, I wondered if some fast-food fries were less hard on the body than others.

Looking at the nutritional facts of some common French fry purveyors, I found that you can, indeed, save some serious calories if you know which fries to buy.

Looked at these seven:
-Arby's Curly Fries
-Burger King's French Fries
-Carl's Jr.'s Natural-Cut Fries
-Dairy Queen's French Fries
-Jack in the Box's Natural Cut Fries
-McDonald's French Fries
-Wendy's French Fries

Notes: The numbers below are estimated reports by each restaurant's official website at the time of this article.

The Best
Dairy Queen wins with 2.69 calories/gram
Jack in the Box is close behind with 2.71 calories/gram

The Worst
McDonald's it is, with 3.25 calories/gram
Those stats may sound like just a few calories' difference, but that's a 21% difference, which adds up since a large serving tends to be around 190 grams.

But there are other stats to look at...
Here's the zero trans fat team:
Burger King
Carl's Jr.
Dairy Queen
This one is the trans fattiest:
Jack in the Box

How about saturated fat?
The Best
Dairy Queen (0.018g saturated fat/gram of fries)
The Worst
Arby's (0.037g saturated fat/gram of fries)

Also remember that a good deal in dollars, doesn't translate to your diet, and a "large fries" means something different to everyone:
Large Fries Serving Sizes
McDonald's: 154g
Carl's Jr.: 184g
Wendy's: 184g
Dairy Queen: 186g
Arby's: 190g
Burger King: 194g
Jack in the Box: 236g